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KLRN City Showdown | District Contestants

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KLRN City Showdown logo with ten different squares underneath - one for each contestant. Squares feature a photo of each contestants, their name, district number, and a colorful background

City Showdown premieres Monday, March 20 at 7PM! Watch full episodes at KLRN's City Showdown page and vote for your favorites! 

Get to know each of the ten ultra-talented artists participating in the competition! 

Contestant bios


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Voting begins with Round 1, Monday, March 20. You can vote up to 5 times in each weekly round.

March 20-24 - Round 1 (Districts 1-5)
March 27-31 - Round 2 (Districts 6-10)
April 3-7 - Final Round (finalists)
April 17 - Winner announced