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KLRN Amigos

Boost your organization’s visibility while supporting South Central Texas’ only community-supported public television station. KLRN serves 33 counties and more than 3.7 million residents.

The KLRN Amigos Program offers corporations, small businesses, government agencies and nonprofit organizations paths for connecting with and engaging neighbors and prospective customers and supporters.

Become a KLRN Amigo by making a contribution to KLRN in your organization's name. You will receive online and on-air recognition to augment your marketing to a broad, high-quality audience.

All year, KLRN will encourage our loyal viewers and followers to support organizations that support KLRN. Be sure you're listed here!

Corporate Relations

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Sponsor Testimonials

Why Sponsor KLRN?

KLRN offers many ways to get your message across to our large, highly desirable audience. You’re building your brand and awareness while supporting this beloved and trusted 60-year-old San Antonio institution. Our viewers value your collaboration with us, building a positive association with you and the community. This often results in our viewers supporting your organization.

What are the similarities with and differences between spots on KLRN and PBS compared to commercial stations?  

KLRN spots can include phone numbers, web addresses, event dates, and products and services. However, because KLRN is a public television station, we must abide by FCC regulations stating that we cannot have calls to action or qualitative language. Our marketing professionals help simplify your underwriting script-writing and spot-development process, whether you or we produce it. KLRN can also edit a spot created for a commercial station.
Take a look at some of our underwriting spots to get ideas about the many types we can produce for you, and those others can produce that we can air. 

What sponsorship regulations apply to sponsors of children's programming?

Children are a special audience with fewer critical skills and greater vulnerability with respect to televised messages, so there are a few more restrictions. We have years of experience behind us to effectively deliver your message to both children and their parents.

How much can I customize my spot placement?

Buying on-air underwriting on KLRN is easy because we can tailor it to reach your target audiences to reach your goals. You can buy specific shows (such as a Broadway special), entire series (such as Antiques Roadshow), choose a genre (such as news, science or drama), or let our software provide an array of programs (run of schedule).

Does KLRN offer any discounts?

Yes! We offer a 15% discount on on-air spots with a six-month commitment, a 25% discount with a one-year commitment, and a 20% on-air nonprofit discount. While we cannot combine discounts, we will apply whichever discount is greater to your contract. 

Is underwriting tax-deductible?

It can be. We strongly advise you check with your tax or legal counsel to see if your underwriting sponsorship can be considered tax-deductible.

Can I sponsor in the name of another nonprofit or event?

Yes you can! Some underwriters want their money to provide double-duty, and KLRN sponsorship is a great way to do that. If you're passionate about another nonprofit or event, you can sponsor with KLRN and either share sponsorship credit or offer it to the other organization. 

KLRN Sponsors

KLRN is PBS. No one else does what we do.

We get kids ready to learn and we give you opportunities to explore the world around you. We are America’s largest classroom, we turn your living room into the nation’s largest stage for the arts, and we provide a trusted window to the world—and have for over 50 years. Spend some time with us.

Memorials & Tributes

Your contribution to the KLRN Endowment Fund, Inc., either in memory of a loved one or in honor of a special friend or occasion, is a perpetual gift that will help provide for the future of KLRN public television for generations to come. The principle remains untouched, and only a small percentage of earnings on the principle is distributed to the station.

To make a gift, contact Lauren Esquivel at or call her at (210) 208-8446. You may also call the station at (210) 270-9000 and ask for Lauren.