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PHONE: All staff can be reached at (210) 270-9000

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501 Broadway
San Antonio, Texas 78215-1820

PO Box 9
San Antonio, Texas 78291-0009

Problem with your broadcast signal?

If you are having problems watching KLRN, please send us an email with the following information:

  1. How do you receive KLRN: antenna (model or type), Dish, Grande, Spectrum, U-verse, etc.?
  2. What type of problem are you having:
    - overall reception
    - closed captioning
    - audio
    - signal strength/breaking up
    - other
  3. Which channel (we have four channels) were you watching at the time?
  4. What time were you watching?
  5. When did the problem start? (A general idea will be fine)
  6. What area of town do you live in, to the nearest intersection if possible?
  7. How we can contact you (email or phone)?

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Closed captions

If you have questions or problems with closed captioning on KLRN programs, please contact us using guidelines listed on our closed captioning page.

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KLRN is PBS. No one else does what we do.

We get kids ready to learn and we give you opportunities to explore the world around you. We are America’s largest classroom, we turn your living room into the nation’s largest stage for the arts, and we provide a trusted window to the world—and have for over 50 years. Spend some time with us.

Memorials & Tributes

Your contribution to the KLRN Endowment Fund, Inc., either in memory of a loved one or in honor of a special friend or occasion, is a perpetual gift that will help provide for the future of KLRN public television for generations to come. The principle remains untouched, and only a small percentage of earnings on the principle is distributed to the station.

To make a gift, contact Lauren Esquivel at or call her at (210) 208-8446. You may also call the station at (210) 270-9000 and ask for Lauren.