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May PBS Programming Resources for Educators
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Whether you are teaching a virtual or in person classroom KLRN is excited to continue to offer monthly TEKS-aligned teacher resources for you to utilize in your lesson planning. 

For additional resources check out these links:


Cyberchase: Journey of A Thousand Food Miles 

Air Date: May 4th at 4pm on 9.1
Watch Online: Power Trip: The 5,000 Mile Salad

Grades K-5

  • Watch Online: Cyberchase: "Ugly" Food and Food Waste 
    This video from Cyberchase teaches students that “ugly” looking produce tastes the same and is just as healthy as produce that looks “perfect.” Support materials include fruit and vegetable cards, discussion questions, vocabulary, and a blind taste test activity.
  • Watt Watchers: How Much Food Do You Waste? Almost half the food in the U.S. winds up wasted, or not eaten. This activity encourages students and their families to record how much food is wasted at home over the course of two weeks, in order to avoid wasting food.
  • The Healthy Kids Project: Foods That Grow Learn about the importance of eating whole foods as opposed to eating processed foods.

Nature: Nature's Miniature Miracles 

Air Date: Wednesday, May 5th at 1pm on 9.2

Grades K-5

Grades 4-12

City in the Sky: Arrival 

Air Date: Saturday, May 8 at 3pm on 9.2
Watch Online City in the Sky Video Clip

Grades 4-6

 Meet two model stunt plane pilots: Alex and Ryan. There are many models available and they want to know which plane features allow for the best stunts. Their question is: How does wing shape affect the plane's performance?

Grades 7-12

  • Challenge of Flight 
    Examine the forces that act on an airplane in flight, the motions a pilot controls, and the design process engineers use to develop airplanes that manage these flight conditions, in this interactive produced by WGBH and The Documentary Group. The first part of the interactive uses videos, still images, and diagrams to explain the four forces of flight (lift, thrust, drag, and weight) and the three motions an airplane experiences in flight (roll, pitch, and yaw). The second part explores the four primary steps of the design process and the tools today’s aerospace engineers use in their work.

Antiques Roadshow: Celebrating Asian Pacific Heritage 

Air Date: Monday, May 10 at 8pm on 9.1
Watch Online Asian Pacific American Art

Grades K-12

  • Shanghai at Asian Art Museum: Visual Arts 
    In this Spark video produced by KQED, learn about Shanghai at San Francisco's Asian Art Museum, the first large-scale exhibition to feature the cultural productions of the city of Shanghai.



NOVA: Decoding the Great Pyramid 

Air Date: Tuesday, May 18 at 1pm on 9.2
Watch Online NOVA: Decoding the Great Pyramid

Grades 3-12

  • How the Ancient Egyptian Pyramids Were Built
    Explore how and why the pyramids were built in ancient Egypt and analyze the architectural breakthroughs necessary to build ever-larger pyramids and the religious purpose for building them in these two video segments from NOVA: This Old Pyramid. Pyramids were more than monuments for the people who built them; they were doorways to the afterlife for the pharaoh.
  • Building the Pyramids of Ancient Egypt
    In this blended lesson supporting literacy skills, students learn how historians think the pyramids were built and why they were built—as doorways to the afterlife for the pharaohs. Students develop their literacy skills as they explore a social studies focus on ancient Egyptian society and how those at the top organized the rest of the population in order to build these amazing structures. During this process, they read informational text, learn and practice vocabulary words, and explore content through videos and interactive activities.

Samantha Brown’s Places to Love: Quebec City, Canada 

Air Date: Thursday, May 20 at 7:30pm on 9.1
Watch Online Samantha Brown’s Places to Love: Quebec City, Canada

Grades 3-12

  • Building Big | Olympic Stadium 
    Learn about the Olympic Stadium in Montreal, Quebec with this structure profile from the WGBH production, Building Big.
  • Map-Based Exploration: Languages of Canada 
    Students will explore a map of Canada showing the distribution of languages, fill out a chart about the major groups in relation to geography, and answer questions about the map.

The Donut King 

Air Date: Monday, May 24 at 9pm on 9.1
Watch Online The Donut King Video Clip

Grades K-6

  • Oscarbots and Donuts | The Odd Squad 
    Learn about addition with the Odd Squad. Most of the missing Oscarbots have been found in places that have their corresponding numbers. Oscar, Olive and Otto are still looking for Oscarbots 4 and 8. When Oscar mentions that 4 and 8 love being together, that gives Olive an idea about where the missing Oscarbots might be.
  • Multidigit Multiplication with Standard Algorithm: The Donut Doze Off 
    In this Cyberchase video, Bianca has a new job decorating fresh-baked donuts. Her supervisor asked her to decorate 12 trays of donuts, but Bianca thought he meant 12 donuts. When she discovers her mistake, she uses multiplication strategies and an understanding of repeated addition to discover the true scope of her job. In the accompanying classroom activity, students play a game against the teacher in which students get practice multiplying two-digit numbers.

Texas Parks and Wildlife 

Air Date: Wednesday, May 26 at 4:30pm on 9.2
Watch Online Texas Parks and Wildlife: A Diversity of Jobs

Grades K-12

  • Carnivorous Plants of Texas T
    his video adapted from Texas Parks and Wildlife Department explores the bizarre world of carnivorous plants. More than 400 species of plants evolved structures and strategies for capturing, killing, and digesting insects and other creatures to satisfy their need for a scarce nutrient. This video highlights two types of carnivorous plants common to bogs of the southern United States. This video is available in both English and Spanish audio, along with corresponding closed captions.
  • Big Bend's Hummingbirds | Big Bend: The Wild Frontier of Texas
  • Hummingbirds Worksheet 
    Big Bend is an American National Park located in Texas. The Rio Grande runs through the park and shares the border with Mexico. Learn about the geological and ecological biodiversity of the park and meet some of the species of animals and plants that live there in this video from NATURE's Big Bend: The Wild Frontier of Texas.



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