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Camp TV

Welcome to Camp TV, a day-camp experience in your living room! Join us for day-camp field trips, activities and entertainment, all from your home. Then help your children continue learning through links and resources. 

Season 2

KLRN is proud to feature three local organizations this season on Camp TV. Tune in at 4 p.m. each weekday to see segments highlighting the San Antonio Zoo, Morgan’s Wonderland and the San Antonio Food Bank. 

Watch Season 2 episodes >>

Below, you’ll find the local segments, and links to activities associated with each video.

Season 1

KLRN is proud to feature three local organizations that contributed to the 19-episode nationally distributed first season. Funding came from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, and Joan Ganz Cooney. Support was provided by Basis San Antonio Northeast.

Watch full Season 1 episodes >>

Here are the San Antonio segments - featuring the San Antonio Food Bank, San Antonio Museum of Science and Technology, DoSeum, San Antonio Public Library, and Dinosaur George - and activities associated with each video.

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Memorials & Tributes

Your contribution to the KLRN Endowment Fund, Inc., either in memory of a loved one or in honor of a special friend or occasion, is a perpetual gift that will help provide for the future of KLRN public television for generations to come. The principle remains untouched, and only a small percentage of earnings on the principle is distributed to the station.

To make a gift, contact Lauren Esquivel at or call her at (210) 208-8446. You may also call the station at (210) 270-9000 and ask for Lauren.