Bexar County establishes task force to address maternal death rate
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Texas has been in the national news lately. Not for its economic miracle, but for the fact that its maternal death rate has nearly doubled since 2010. 

That puts the rate of deaths during or shortly after childbirth well above the national average, which itself ranks as the worst of any industrialized nation. And Bexar County’s rate is worse than that of the state of Texas.

Bexar County has established a task force to determine the causes and make recommendations. Joining Rick Casey on the program is Dr. Margaret Kelley, a prominent obstetrician/gynecologist, who is chairing the task force. And Dr. Junda Woo, Metropolitan Health District medical director, who's spearheading the effort. 

Evan Smith, chief executive officer of the Texas Tribune, joins Casey from Austin to discuss the latest developments in the Legislature’s special session.

Casey closes out the program with his Last Word, where he chats about those who say we should leave the Confederate Monument in Travis Park. But we should give it a companion monument. Or two. 

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