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San Antonio Sound Garden: one- stop musical haven
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San Antonio Sound Garden (SASG) is building up the music industry beat by beat across San Antonio. The organization’s vision of providing local artists, producers, small labels, and music entrepreneurs a creative hub to collaborate has manifested into a one-stop musical haven. ARTS gives you a behind-the-scenes look at the musical mecca helping to launch the careers of homegrown talent.

The thriving music community has gradually put San Antonio on the map due to bringing in top-notch musical acts for large scale concerts, the growth of new music venues popping up and local music festivals with national act headliners. But the one element lacking has been the substantial support of the community for the ever-growing local musical talent.  When concerts and festivals have left the city, what remains is the music. SASG’s goal is to fill the imminent void the city is left with by developing, cultivating, and highlighting the numerous artists, producers, small labels, and music entrepreneurs San Antonio has to offer.

SASG serves the community a plentiful amount of resources aimed at developing artists and sustaining a musical economy infrastructure.  Some of the resources and services available to members include networking and collaboration opportunities along with access to a recording studio and state-of-the-art equipment. Other services include mentorship from representatives familiar with entertainment law, public relations, and promotions.

Industry professionals donate their time and expertise to SASG, reinforcing the vision to make San Antonio a music mecca. Among the latest developments with SASG is a partnership with the City of San Antonio. The partnership aims to develop artists conducive to breaking the financial barriers of the city, as well as to help analyze the impact of the San Antonio music economy. For more information on SASG, visit

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