S.A. tech company develops world's first holographic toy
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San Antonio tech company Merge VR has developed the world's first holographic toy, which allows users to interact with a virtual-reality and augmented-reality world. Follow along as SciTech Now visits Merge VR to learn more about the highly anticipated HoloCube.

Image - HOLOCUBE3_BLOG.jpg
When unveiled at the 2017 Consumer Electronics Show, the HoloCube was selected by Tech Radar as the most unique product of the show.

With the toy and virtual-reality goggles, users can hold and interact with holograms, including drawing with music, caring for a virtual-space pet and creating a mini-block world.The creators of the HoloCube believe the toy will offer children new, exciting ways to learn, play and connect with others.

This first toy could spark a wave of new holographic toys and applications.

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