RARE Insta Contest Winners
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Courtesy of © 2016 Joel Sartore

You submitted, you hashtagged, and you voted!

Thank you KLRN viewers for sharing all of your RARE- inspired photo submissions on our first ever Insta contest! We had over 300 submissions showcasing all living things among us! Your votes chose the top 3 winners who will recieve 1 of 3 copies of the photobook containing the most "liked" photos. 

Check out the winning photos below!

Image - DUARTECRIS_blogpic.jpg
Photo credit: @duartecris, 114 likes

Image - FRENCHGIRLSA_blogpost.jpg
Photo credit: @frenchgirlsa, 71 likes

Image - FIONA_.jpg
Photo credit: @fiona.sc, 61 likes

Be sure to watch RARE: Creatures of the Photo Ark on KLRN Tuesdays at 8pm through August 1 or watch full episodes online at  http://video.klrn.org/show/rare.