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KLRN Virtual Classroom - Chemical Reactions
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Extend the learning (and fun!) with these resources about CHEMICAL REACTIONS … and more from PBS LearningMedia!

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Grades K-2
Gas in A Bag 
In this video, watch as students experiment with a recipe that makes a chemical reaction and forms carbon dioxide. Gas in A Bag is a hands-on science exploration for young children and their teachers, parents or caregivers.

Grades 3-5
Soda Geyser | DragonFly TV Experiments 
Create a geyser with soda and sugar candies. Learn about chemical reactions.

Fetch! | Toy Chemistry 
In this activity from Fetch! when you mix two substances together, they are going to create a chemical reaction, turning the mixture into a gooey, rubbery solid called a polymer that you can play with like a toy. You will be able to stretch it and mold it and do other things to it.

Grades 6-8
Nuclear Reaction: Fission 
This video segment adapted from FRONTLINE introduces the research that led to the first atomic bomb and, later, to nuclear energy production. The narration details why, when the nuclei of a particular isotope of uranium (U-235) are split, enormous amounts of energy are released that can be used to generate electricity.

Grades 9-12
The Delicate Balance of Chemical Reactions | Chemistry
Introduce students to the concept of entropy and its role as the driving force for chemical reactions and the Second Law of Thermodynamics. This teacher's guide discusses spontaneity and Gibb’s free energy, explaining why some chemical reactions occur spontaneously while others do not. In addition, this unit introduces chemical equilibrium, the equilibrium constant, and equilibrium shifts (Le Chatelier’s Principle).