It's National Chemistry Week!
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Calling all chemists and chemistry enthusiasts! It's National Chemistry Week, and we've pulled some of our favorite PBS LearningMedia resources for PreK - 12th grade students. 

Video | Sid the Science Kid: I want to be a scientist | Grades PreK-1
Sid the Science Kid introduces your class to careers in science, from a chemist and astronaut to a marine biologist and robotic engineer! 

Video | Sticky Glue | Grades PreK-2
Watch as children turn any piece of paper into a sticker--and glue rocks, plastic and glass together. Sticky Glue is a hands-on science exploration for young children.

Activity | Fetch! Toy Chemistry | Grades 2-5
In this activity from Fetch! students will create a chemical reaction, turning a mixture into a gooey, rubbery solid called a polymer that they can play with like a toy. They'll be able to stretch it and mold it and do other things to it.

Video |The Chemistry of Make-up | Grades 5-8 
Hop into the science lab and learn the chemistry involved in the making of makeup! Students can use this chemistry investigation as a science fair project idea.

Interactive | Chemistry Timeline | Grades 9-12
Offer students a look back at the history of chemistry, from the discovery of copper in 9000 BCE to the creation of Boyle's Law in the 17th century to today! 

Audio Segment | Green Chemistry | Grades 9-12
In this audio segment from PRI's The World Science Podcast, students learn about "green chemistry," or the development of less toxic chemicals as an alternative to synthetic. 

Video | Chemistry and Physics | Grades 9-12
From atomic theory and molecular geometry to motion math and Ohm's Law, we have loads of chemistry and physics lessons to help you engage students in science!

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