How San Antonio prepares for storms like Hurricane Harvey
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Early projection maps of Hurricane Harvey showed the megastorm heading straight for San Antonio. Fortunately for us, and disastrously for Houston and environs, it stalled. But what would have happened had the early projections occurred? And what should San Antonio be doing to prepare for what scientists say are the more powerful storms of the future? 

Joining Rick Casey are the two top leaders of the San Antonio River Authority, the leading agency in preparing for floods. Suzanne Scott is SARA’s general manager, and Stephen Graham is assistant general manager and lead engineer.

Patrick Svitek of the Texas Tribune will join Casey to discuss how the governor and president have reacted to Hurricane Harvey.

Casey closes out the program with his Last Word. Last week, Casey shared how recently deceased comedian and activist Dick Gregory enflamed San Antonio nearly 50 years ago. This week: How just three months later he helped keep Casey's hometown from burning.

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