The new Battle of the Alamo
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It might be called the next Battle of the Alamo, and the issue isn’t that we should remember the Alamo - it’s HOW should we remember the Alamo.

A high-powered committee in charge of preparing a master plan for massive changes at the site has released its first draft, and the public reaction may have them feel like they are being shot at from all sides.

Councilman Roberto Trevino and preservationist architect Lewis Fisher join Rick Casey in the studio to discuss the topics.

Ross Ramsey, executive editor of the Texas Tribune, joins Rick Casey from Austin to discuss why the Legislature bows to Warren Buffet but rebuffs Elon Musk.

Casey closes out the show with his Last Word, where he talks about how proponents of two separate bathroom bills say their intention is to keep girls and women safe, despite being unable to produce any evidence that allowing transgendered women to use female facilities - as they quietly have for decades - endangers anyone. Proposals could instead lead to women feeling threatened, and many men feeling uncomfortable and some even hostile.

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