Soaring to new heights at indoor skydiving facility
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iFLY San Antonio, an indoor skydiving facility, provides guests an exhilarating adventure to remember. iFly is the newest trend to come to the Alamo City that offers individuals an alternative to outdoor skydiving.

The facility contains a powerful, state-of-the-art wind tunnel where guests go through the motions of being propelled, floating and surfing the air. However, as SciTech Now discovered, there’s more to iFLY’s substantial wind tunnel that extends beyond their facility.

Unique to iFLY, a STEM program offered to educators of all grade levels creates a learning environment with content students can walk away with. In a cool, fun atmosphere, students use math and science to figure how wind speed affects weight and mass and how they all work together to sustain optimum flight. Using Math and Science in a ball demonstration led by iFLY STEM instructors, students use their calculations to prove which ball will fly the highest, using the same formula to guess their own flight predictions.

From suiting up to STEM learning, the adventure starts from beginning to end, taking guests at iFLY to a whole new level!

Follow along as SciTech Now braves the wind tunnel and tags along with iFLY STEM educators in this soaring episode airing at 7:30 p.m. on Friday, Aug. 12.