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San Antonio - Austin: The Emerging Mega-Metro

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Join KLRN for a fascinating hour on the dynamic growth and challenges facing our region, and how two Texas cities are becoming one economic powerhouse.

As growth continues to boom along the 79 miles between San Antonio and Austin, there is no question the two cities are merging into a "mega-metro." This touches not only businesses and the economy, but the environment, water supplies, transportation, housing and the workforce – even the world of sports.

Henry Cisneros, author of the book, "The Texas Triangle: An Emerging Power in the Global Economy," discusses this connection with leaders on each end of the mega-metro. You’ll hear from Austin Mayor Kirk Watson, San Antonio Mayor Ron Nirenberg, and business leaders such as Jenna Saucedo-Herrera from greater: SATX, Gary Farmer with Opportunity Austin, Rackspace co-founder Graham Weston, Spurs Chairman Peter J. Holt, and others.

Support for this program is provided by Texas Mutual Insurance Company. Additional support came from Barshop Ventures and Barshop and Oles.

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Hear a report from Texas Public Radio, with Mega-Metro host Henry Cisneros as a guest.

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