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San Antonio Area Foundation offers funding for Healthy Kids Project
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KLRN is proud to announce a grant from the Medicine and Healthcare Community Advisory Committee and the  Board of Directors of the San Antonio Area Foundation for $27,753 to support the expansion of The Healthy Kids Project.

The Healthy Kids Project uses a 4-pronged approach to address health and wellness in youth through school outreach, broadcast, professional development and family workshops. KLRN will host 10 professional development trainings, 10 parent/family workshops, organize 3 community health fairs, and broadcast project videos on-air, as we share key messages about health and wellness.
The Healthy Kids Project supports healthy eating decisions and physical activities that benefit the community by helping educators and families act as agents of change in relation to children's health. All resources, videos and lesson plans help improve the delivery of health education while meeting TEKS requirements. Strategies, interventions and events support healthy eating decisions, promote the importance of physical fitness, and help adults to deliver key messages about choosing health.

KLRN's Healthy Kids Project brings key messaging (characters, songs and lesson plans) that contrast healthy choices and attitudes with unhealthy behaviors. This initiative promotes healthy lifestyles with an emphasis on reducing obesity and diabetes.

“KLRN has been a part of the Healthy Kids Project since its inception and we will continue to work towards a healthier community alongside our partners. This one project combines our broadcast abilities, our educational platform, and our contact with families so that a consistent and quality message can be viewed and shared not only at home but also in the classroom,” said Arthur Emerson, KLRN President and CEO.

The Healthy Kids Project aligns with KLRN's mission to enrich the lives of people as its focus is to promote healthy behaviors, physical activity, and health education. The Healthy Kids Project impacts healthy lifestyles by influencing students' eating decisions and physical activities, enabling KLRN to further build a platform to educate our community about health and wellness. The San Antonio Medical Foundation, Gottalook Productions, and KLRN developed bilingual resources and videos over the last 6years, serving over 10,000 students, their family members and teachers, as we deliver key messages, contrasting healthy choices with unhealthy behaviors. Since 2013, it has been adopted in over 180 classrooms and has been integrated by 9 parenting programs funded by the United Way of San Antonio & Bexar County. In 2017, the Witte Museum is also using the project resources in the Body Adventure exhibit as they loop the videos on their monitor near the Culinary Kitchen.

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About KLRN

KLRN is the Emmy-Award winning Public Television station for South Central Texas broadcasting to a 30-county radius. The mission of KLRN is to use the power of communications to provide quality programs and services which advance education, culture and community, to enrich the lives of people throughout our community. KLRN cultivates programs that support the station’s mission and commitment to education. It is this “beyond television” strategy that forms KLRN’s educational engagement model — to prepare children for kindergarten and academic success; to positively impact the quality of care; and to share resources that will enhance classroom instruction.

About San Antonio Area Foundation

For more than 50 years, the San Antonio Area Foundation has served as the community foundation for the San Antonio area. The Area Foundation helps donors achieve their charitable goals and serves as a collaborative leader, investing in the future of our community by bringing people together to address key community issues. The Area Foundation manages more than 500 charitable funds and $900 million in assets. Since 1964, $305 million for scholarships and grants have been awarded to nonprofits that educate youth, preserve the environment, protect animals, fund research and provide a variety of services that enhance the quality of life in our region. Learn more about your community foundation at