New technology used to navigate indoor spaces
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This week, we rebrodcast a popular SciTech Now segment:

While the GPS receiver in our smartphone uses satellites to enable us to view our position on maps and navigate outdoors, this function is not available indoors.

San Antonio company Reckon Point is addressing this issue with a revolutionary new technology that uses the Earth's electromagnetic field to accurately navigate indoor spaces like office buildings and shopping malls.

The implications could even be life-saving as firefighters could use this technology to locate and rescue people in a burning building.

On the next SciTech Now, meet Gabe Garza, founder of Reckon Point, and learn how he has created a specialized robot to make this application successful.

Watch this episode of SciTech Now airing Thursday, May.10 at 7:30 p.m. on KLRN.

*Note: This episode originally aired on Sept. 1, 2017