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Meet the CAB | Eloisa Cordova
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To say our dedicated Community Advisory Board (CAB) members are extraordinary would be an understatement. Each member dedicates their time to provide input and serve as the link between the community-at-large and KLRN.

In the upcoming weeks, we will introduce you to our KLRN CAB members to get a further understanding of what serving on the board represents and why being a supportive pillar of KLRN is fundamental for public television.

CAB Member Eloisa Cordova: 

What is your favorite show on KLRN?

This is a difficult question, because I have so many favorites! But, I would have to say that Masterpiece Theater,Sherlock Holmes, and any show that involves murder and mystery sleuthing are my favorite shows.

Why have you decided to serve on the Community Advisory Board?

I’ve been a life-long viewer of PBS, and feel honored and privileged to serve in the Community Advisory Board. I wish to bring my personal perspective of what the community would like to see for future programming.

Do you have a first KLRN/PBS memory?

My first memory of watching public television is the iconic Big Bird on Sesame Street.

If you could have dinner with any PBS personality, who would it be and why?

I would love to have an opportunity to meet Ian Cummings of Masterpiece Theater and share an evening filled with great conversation and merriment. As the face of Masterpiece Theater, I’m sure he has amassed a wealth of personal anecdotes to share about various shows Masterpiece has showcased. I would be mesmerized just to hear a few from his personal lot.