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Living in My Skin: Black men in San Antonio tell their stories

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Brandon Logan shares his story - Living in My Skin: Stories of Black Men in San Antonio

In commemoration of Black History Month, KLRN is proud to present Living in My Skin: Black Men in San Antonio Tell Their Stories. 

Living in My Skin is a locally produced two-part documentary that seeks to shine a light on the life experiences of Black men and boys in San Antonio. It features intimate interviews with 33 Black men in our city – ranging from ages 10 to 90, and from a wide range of income levels and lifestyles. It’s their own stories of what it’s like to be “in their skin” within our community. Stories that are eye-opening and at times, heartbreaking; a raw, honest collection of shared experiences not often discussed so openly.

The Black population of San Antonio is only 7%, yet it hosts the largest MLK march in the nation. Additionally, 63% of our residents are Hispanic, making us a majority-minority city. Because of this, many perceive San Antonio to be culturally enlightened and highly evolved.

Is it?

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