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KLRN volunteer Calvin Buchholtz given national leadership award
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KLRN volunteer Calvin Buchholtz was honored at an awards ceremony by the National Friends of Public Broadcasting at their annual workshop at the PBS Annual Meeting in San Diego on Monday, May 15th. Calvin was at the celebration to receive his award.

Calvin Buchholtz was given the “Outstanding Volunteer Leadership” Award for his support since 1980! Calvin has worked diligently with young people at the John Jay Science and Engineering Academy.  He has been an advisor for KLRN events for many years.  The students have helped with the Blazing Gavels Auction and Calvin has taken the time to show the students the “behind the scenes” of the live Television auction.  

Last year Calvin retired from his teaching position at John Jay High School, but he continues to support the students and tries to nurture an appreciation of public media.  Young people are the future of PBS and National Friends applaud Calvin in his effort to include them.  

National Friends of Public Broadcasting is a link between public media and their audience. Our mission is to support volunteerism within public media through leadership, education, training, mentoring and recognition.  National Friends gave out five awards in four categories this year. Dennis McDonald is a trustee on the National Friends board.