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KLRN City Showdown | Contest Overview and Rules

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City Showdown logo with white text beneath "Contest Overview & Rules"

KLRN City Showdown is a hyperlocal online series that aims to highlight San Antonio’s vibrant arts community while raising awareness for residents about the boundaries of the City of San Antonio’s municipal districts.

The format and rules of KLRN City Showdown are loosely adopted from the Eurovision Song Contest. Rather than countries participating, ten entries representing each of San Antonio’s City Council districts will be featured in this digital music competition.

Entries are original music videos from contestants that have been previously released in the last five years and are available to view on YouTube. A complete playlist of City Showdown entries can be found HERE. The same music video will be used throughout the entire competition.

Throughout the series, entries will advance on to the final round based on the number of votes they receive from the online audience. After the final round, votes from each district will be calculated and presented to determine the winner. For more information about how votes are calculated, see the VOTING section below. 

After the results presentation, the entry that earns the highest number of votes will be declared the winner of KLRN City Showdown and will be featured on a dedicated episode of KLRN’s original arts series The Beat


KLRN City Showdown is a four-episode digital series that will run over five weeks from March 20, 2023 to April 17, 2023. The season will be composed of two semifinals, one final round, and a final episode dedicated to presenting the results of the public vote and subsequent winner. 

The running order of the series is as follows: 

  • Episode 1: Semifinal 1
  • Episode 2: Semifinal 2
  • Episode 3: Final (featuring 5 Finalists)
  • [One week break to calculate votes]
  • Episode 4: Results Presentation: Winner is revealed



Each contestant will be featured in a semifinal. District 1 – District 5 will be featured in Semifinal 1 and District 6 – District 10 will be featured in Semifinal 2

In each Semifinal round, a short introduction video for each contestant will be shown along with a :30 clip of their entry

After each semifinal, the TWO entries that receive the most votes will advance on to the Final round. 


Wildcard Entry 

After the four Finalists from both semifinals are revealed, the contestant who has received the fifth highest number of votes from the remaining pool of contestants will advance on to the Final round as the Wildcard entry. 

This is designed to create a sense of excitement for the viewer, along with creating a more evenly-balanced Final Round. 



The City Showdown Final will consist of the FIVE districts that earned the most points from their respective semifinals. The five entries will be shown again and viewers will be encouraged to vote for their favorites by visiting 


Results Presentation

After a one-week break to calculate point totals, the finale of KLRN City Showdown will happen in the form of the Presentation of Results

The results from each of San Antonio’s ten districts (and the special “Neighbors at Large” category) will be revealed district by district

At the end of the presentation, the district that has received the most votes will be declared the winner. 

For an in-depth explanation of how votes will be calculated and presented, please see the VOTING section of the Contest Rules. 


Over the course of the series, online viewers will vote for their favorite entries by visiting KLRN’s webpage

On the webpage, voters will be asked to provide two pieces of information:

  • Which district they are voting for
  • What district they live in
    • In an effort to not exclude viewers, if an online voter does not live within the boundaries of a San Antonio City Council district, they can select the “I live outside the City of San Antonio” option and enter their zip code to vote. 


The KLRN City Showdown webpage will feature a map of San Antonio provided by SA2020 with the district boundaries for easy reference. There will also be a link to the official City of San Antonio website where users can find their City Council district by inputting their address. 

Viewers can cast their votes for whichever district they’d like. For purposes of a fair competition, the website will only allow one IP address to vote a maximum of 5 times. Voting will be conducted via the Honor System with contestants encouraging those in their networks and beyond to participate. KLRN will not monitor or investigate votes received. 


Semifinal Voting 

During the voting period for Semifinals 1 & 2, online voters will determine which four districts advance on to the Final.

After each round of voting, the two districts that receive the most votes from the public in each of their Semifinal rounds will advance on to the Final.


Wildcard Entry 

The Wildcard entry will be determined after the four Finalists from both semifinals are revealed. The contestant who received the fifth highest number of votes across both semifinals will advance on to the Final round as the Wildcard entry. 

After omitting vote counts from the four finalists, KLRN will look at the remaining data from Semifinals 1 & 2 to determine which one (1) contestant has earned the highest number of votes. 

After the Wildcard entry is revealed, the remaining five district contestants will effectively end their time in the competition. 


Final Voting

During the voting period for the Final, vote totals from Semifinal 1 and Semifinal 2 will be cleared and the same voting process will be repeated, with online voters determining which one district will win KLRN City Showdown. 


How Votes are Calculated

During the Final, votes will be calculated on a district-by-district basis. Although only fivedistricts will be featured in the Final, all ten districts will report results, plus a special “Neighbors at Large” category for those living outside of the San Antonio City Council districts. 

Using data collected from our website, KLRN will separate the votes into eleven data sets that reflect how each of the ten districts and the special Neighbors at Large district voted. These data sets will be each be tallied and reported individually. 

Finalists will receive a set number of points based on how each district voted. The contestant who receives the most votes from a district will receive the Golden Quatrefoil. The second highest-earning entry will receive the Silver Quatrefoil. And the entry with the third highest number of votes will receive the Bronze Quatrefoil. The fourth and fifth place entries will receive no points

These quatrefoils translate into points on the scoreboard. Gold is worth 12 points. Silver is worth 10 points. And Bronze is worth 8 points


Districts 6-10 were featured in the Final. 

After the voting period has ended, KLRN looks at the voting data for District 1. This data is from online users who cast votes through KLRN’s website and reported their home district as District 1

In District 1, the breakdown of votes is:

  • District 6: 50 votes received
  • District 7: 187 votes received
  • District 8: 63 votes received
  • District 9: 210 votes received 
  • District 10: 99 votes received


From this data, the points awarded fromDistrict 1 would be as follows: 

  • District 9 – GOLD QUATREFOIL 
  • District 7 – SLVER QUATREFOIL 
  • District 10 –BRONZE QUATREFOIL


These results will be announced during the Results Presentation and will be added to the scoreboard. Note that Districts and 8 did not receive points.

This procedure will continue on with Districts 2-10 and the “Neighbors at Large” for a total of 11 sets of points to be given throughout the Results Presentation. 

At the end of the results presentation, the quatrefoils will be turned into point totals, revealing the winner of KLRN City Showdown. The contestant who earns the highest number of points wins. 

Tiebreaker protocol 

In the event of a tie, KLRN will look at the cumulative number of votes each district received in the Semifinal and Final rounds to determine a winner. 


During the Results Presentation, District 3 and District 10 have each received 318 points and are tied for first place at the end of the Results Presentation. KLRN will look at how many votes each district received in their respective Semifinal. 

In Semifinal 1, District 3 earned 150 votes 
In Semifinal 2, District 10 earned 97 votes. 

Each of these vote totals will be added to the total number of votes received in the Final Round .

District 3 would be declared the winner due to having received a higher number of points in the Semifinal Round.

In the unprecedented event that a tie still remains, there will be an envelope with the scores from an impartial KLRN employee who will have watched and ranked their favorite entries before the Results Presentation. This envelope will be opened and read to determine the winner. 



KLRN City Showdown is made possible through the voluntary participation of San Antonio’s talented artists and musicians. For the inaugural version of the show, each contestant was identified based off information gathered from the City of San Antonio’s Department of Arts & Culture Artist Registry. Using this database, contestants were assigned a district to represent. Efforts were made to place contestants in districts that aligned with the information listed in the Artist Registry however KLRN reserves the right to assign districts and contestants as needed for the show. 

Contestants receive no monetary compensation for their involvement in KLRN City Showdown but are each provided with a dedicated artist page on the City Showdown website. This artist page will feature a photo of them, a brief bio, and links to their official websites and corresponding social media accounts. Viewers will be encouraged to visit to familiarize themselves with the ten contestants and their work. 

Official Contest Rules

  • Contestants must be 21 years of age or older
  • By participating, contestants agree to be bound by these Official Rules and the decisions of KLRN
  • Contestants must live or work in the San Antonio area
  • Songs and music videos used to represent contestants must be original work
  • Contestants must give KLRN the rights to use their original work for the purposes of the series and marketing efforts
  • After each Semifinal round, the contestants representing the two (2) districts who received the most votes will advance to the Final Round. Five (5) contestants will compete in the Final Round with only one (1) winner (please see the “KLRN City Showdown Overview” for a detailed breakdown on contest format)
  • Participants/Contestants will not pay anything to be a part of the series
  • Contestants will not encourage or suggest fraudulent online voting during the contest
  • KLRN reserves the right to manage, oversee, and determine voting results based on data received.