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Announcing Phase 2 of the Healthy Kids Project in San Antonio Schools
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KLRN is committed to providing quality programs and services that advance education, art and culture, and community. The Healthy Kids Project was implemented as an educational initiative by utilizing the standardized curriculum of the same name. The project is funded by the San Antonio Medical Foundation, created by Gottalook Productions, and supported and distributed by KLRN.

KLRN’s Healthy Kids Project supports healthy lifestyles by influencing eating decisions and physical activities. The station partnered with Edgewood Independent School District for Phase II of the Healthy Kids Project in School Year 2014-2015 in San Antonio, TX. Through the project, KLRN shared free media resources and lesson plans aligned to the TEKS with educators.

KLRN targeted all 10 elementary campuses—reaching 2,900+ students and supporting 150+ educators. The audience was introduced to The Healthy Kids Project songs, live action movement, animation, and a cast of “perfectly imperfect” characters to deliver key messaging that contrasts healthy choices and attitudes with unhealthy behaviors. The station presented an in-service training at each campus and met with each Campus’ Grade Level Teams twice.

We collected Pre-Surveys and Post-Surveys to capture evaluation data.  Surveys were administered to teachers and students.  The teacher surveys focused on curriculum implementation and the personal healthy habits of the teacher respondents, while student surveys focused on curricula knowledge and understanding of healthy habits. The overall goal of the project is to provide a resource that leads to emotionally and physically healthy children.  

Project objectives include:  

  1. engaging teachers into using the curriculum in the classroom  
  2. creating an opportunity  for teachers  to provide feedback as they implement the project   
  3. increasing teacher awareness of nutrition and exercise  
  4. increasing student knowledge of nutrition and exercise.  

Next Steps

KLRN will pursue additional funding to continue the project with Edgewood ISD and to expand the project to school districts in San Antonio. Teachers can find resources online at

About KLRN

KLRN is the Emmy-Award winning Public Television station for South Central Texas and broadcasts to a 30-county radius. The mission of KLRN is to use the power of communications to provide quality programs and services which advance education, culture and community, to enrich the lives of people throughout our community and beyond.