A weekly dose of arts!
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KLRN is proud to be an arts partner in our community by sharing stories of art, artists, exhibits, and stories of inspiration through our programming. The San Antonio arts and culture scene is thriving and we are proud to be in a city that is full of artists and people who love to experience art in all of its forms.

Each week, since July, we have brought the program Articulate with Jim Cotter to your living room, where you have watched stories of musicians, performers, sculptors, painters, and so much more. With each artist, we were able to learn exactly how they were able to reach their artistic dreams and goals - many times through struggles, disappointment and ultimate defeat. But in the end, the artist always won. 

This program has allowed us the opportunity to work with a local artist to bring life to our place in the community, and through that project, we are able to brighten up one of the busiest street corners in downtown San Antonio.

If you are looking for your own inspiration, watch Thursday nights at 9:30 or view past episodes online by clicking here.