A glance into SA2020’s innovative data system
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SciTech Now met up with Molly Cox, CEO of SA2020 to discuss how their innovative data system- which was developed exclusively for their organization, is being used to promote growth in San Antonio. SA2020’s mission is to connect the community in 11 key vision areas by the year 2020. SciTech Now went behind-the-scenes of this non-profit organization to find out how data and technology play a pivotal role in this progression.

Using the Data Dashboard and through 11 causes that range from education to arts & culture to civic engagement, 59 indictors were found to measure the success and help track progress. In a partnership with Community Information Now (C.I.), they are able to “take the information from about 20 different sources,” Cox says.  SA2020 will then analyze the data to see if “there are any gaps or challenges, and to see where major progress is being made.” 

Using the data as a starting point, SA2020 is able to see the areas that need the most help, and then share that with the public including other states . Cox says, the system shows gaps in “target industries,” -- which include technology, healthcare, biosciences, advanced manufacturing and green jobs.” 

Get involved, give more

If you’d like to find out more, you can visit SA2020.org and register. By creating a profile, you can learn more about the 11 cause areas that need your help. Furthermore, you can customize your profile to include specific areas of interest to you. Through the use of the Data Dashboard, you can connect with organizations. 

This episode of SciTech Now airs on Friday, July 8 at 7:30 p.m. on KLRN.