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Painter's vibrant colors bring Carver Dance Center walls to life
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As guests step into the Carver Dance Center they encounter pieces of art spread throughout the building that help bring the walls to life. John Coleman, the creator of several of the paintings, uses vibrant colors to create a message.

Coleman sees art as a “marker,” giving audiences of different ages the opportunity to be transported to a certain moment in time. Although his artistic style has transformed throughout the years, his passion for art remains. He began by honoring his admiration for animals by becoming a wildlife painter, and years later transitioned into African American painting. His inspiration comes from past childhood experiences and important moments in history.

Coleman’s paintings are distinguishable by his unique figure creations and color schemes, which he explains plays an important part in the messages he tries to transmit. For him, the use of lively colors transmits a message of happiness to his audience while using dark colors tends to transmit a serious message.