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Summer Fun with KLRN – July 20 to July 24, 2020
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PBS Summertime is Learning Time

Dear Families,

Staying inside can make getting exercise a little more challenging, but this week we are sharing some great ideas for staying active, healthy, and happy. Keep in mind that we are more likely to exercise when it is an activity we enjoy. Find activities that you and your family enjoy and make these fun activities regular events, like going for a daily walk or doing popcorn jumping jacks every day! Here are some great ideas from Arthur Family Health: Fitness Tips for Kids and Fitness Tips for Grown Ups.

Does having an at-home dance party count as exercise? Absolutely! Find your favorite songs, explore some songs that are new to you too, and let’s get moving!

With appreciation,
KLRN Education Team

Here are fun learning activities around the theme of Moving & Learning for your child of any age!

Infant Toddler Activities

  • Workout With Grover
    en español Grover hace ejercicios
    This furry blue monster is also a great personal trainer.
    Ejercitarse juntos es ideal para sentirse bien y mantener un estilo de vida saludable para los niños y los adultos.
  • Movement Squares
    en español Cuadrados de movimiento
    Movement games encourage children to listen carefully and follow sequences.
    Los juegos de movimiento fomentan pensamientos creativos, y ayudan a la vez a escuchar atentamente y a seguir secuencias.

Preschool Activities

  • Do the Freeze Dance!
    en español Sígueme Baile de caderas
    Help kids follow directions and learn to control their bodies.
    Usted puede ayudar a los niños a seguir instrucciones y a aprender a controlar su cuerpo.
  • Moving Together
    en español ¡A movernos juntos!
    Help kids focus their attention as they move.
    Este juego de “llamada y respuesta” ayuda a los niños a enfocar su atención mientras se mueven.

Elementary Activities

  • Health Feels Great Activity Cards
    en español Tarjetas de actividades
    Have students label one side of the diagram “Little Energy Needed” and the other side, “More Energy Needed.” Have students cut out the Activity Cards and glue them in the circle that describes how much energy the activity requires.
  • How Many Joints?
    en español ¿Cuántas Articulaciones?
    In the last column, students will total the number of joints for each body part listed. Students can also add the seven numbers to get a grand total.

Middle/High School Activities

  • Recess Helps You Think, and Other Reasons to Get Up and Move
    Help students understand why physical activity is important for both the body and the mind. Amidst a national focus on testing and raising academic performance, a different kind of movement is catching on. Use this PBS NewsHour video report from February 2014, to understand how active learning incorporates strategies like dance and play to help students concentrate better, navigate social situations and practice leadership and patience. Teachers and administrators who create the right balance of academics and play report promising results in their classroom.
  • Bodies Move
    In this video from the documentary American Masters: Bill T. Jones: A Good Man, the Bill T. Jones/Arnie Zane Dance Company has been commissioned by the Ravinia Festival in Chicago to create a dance performance celebrating the 200th anniversary of the birth of Abraham Lincoln. While Bill T. Jones decides that Paul, a dancer within the ensemble, will represent the “dancing” body of Lincoln, he also ponders an approach to the development of the performance piece as a non-narrative series of ideas.

We hope you enjoyed some of these activities. If you follow KLRN on your facebook account please be sure to share your activities and use the #KLRNeducates and #KLRNLearnatHome tags.

Tune in next week for more learning fun with your favorite PBS Kids programs.