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Spotlight Education: Community Engagement
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KLRN goes “beyond the television” and into our community. KLRN provides educational community engagement activities to improve the emotional well-being, resilience, and social connections of young children and their families. Annually, we reach thousands of families through activities like community events, KLRN KIDS Explorers and Operation Never Ending Stories.

KLRN works to improve school readiness for children by promoting parent/family engagement and early education by organizing thematic community events with special appearances by PBS KIDS characters. Events bridge partners with families as organizations showcase free, local services promoting school readiness, literacy, health, and parenting. This year, KLRN has hosted 10 family fun events involving over 110 agencies and reaching more than 6,000 attendees.

This year, KLRN introduced families to KLRN KIDS Explorers—sharing information about the worldwide recreational activity, geocaching, the steps to get started, the importance of exploring outdoors, and encouraging the purposeful integration of technology. All five geocaches are tied to a PBS KIDS program; participants will find the geocache, scan the QR code and be directed to a site—where they can extend the experience as they explore resources for parents, teachers, and kids.

Through Operation Never Ending Stories, we worked with veterans and volunteers to build, decorate, and plant five Little Free Libraries in 2015 on the South Side of San Antonio in outdoor locations. Each Little Free Library is dedicated to a local, fallen service member. Using QR code technology, these libraries allow the community to view a story produced by KLRN, which recognizes and remembers their bravery, their service and their sacrifice to our country. 

We invite you to join us at an upcoming KLRN KIDS Community Screening. The screenings help bring educational PBS content to life on the ground, sparking kids' curiosity and encouraging them to explore the arts and sciences, just like their favorite PBS Kids characters. Since the fall, we have hosted four screenings and have reached 400+ people.

To learn more about our on the ground engagement activities, visit: and connect with us.