SciGirls on Campus
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We’re so excited that you'd like to start a SciGirls on Campus club at your school! SciGirls is an Emmy award-winning television series (airing locally on KLRN) and outreach program that draws on cutting-edge research about what engages girls in Grades 3-8 in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) learning and careers. The television show, website, and educational outreach program have reached over 14 million girls, educators, and families, making it the most widely accessed girls’ STEM program available nationally. 

SciGirls’ videos/clips, interactive website, and hands-on activities work together to address a singular but powerful goal: to inspire, enable, and maximize STEM learning and participation for all girls, with an eye toward future STEM careers. The goal of SciGirls is to change how millions of girls think about STEM. 

The most recent season of SciGirls addressed public participation in scientific research, known as citizen science. Each 30-minute program and its corresponding activities help girls learn how to identify, describe, and collect data for real-life projects, such as the Celebrate Urban Birds citizen science project, which connects participants to birds through the arts, greening activities, and neighborhood events, by watching birds for 10 minutes and sharing observations with Cornell Lab of Ornithology scientists. 

Below you'll find links to a variety of resources to help you launch your SciGirls on Campus club. 

Toolkit of Materials:

Other Helpful Websites:

Questions? Email Lisa McGrath or call (210) 208-8456. Have a great year!

LIsa McGrath
Director of School Services