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Extend the learning (and fun!) with these resources about ART from PBS LearningMedia!

And, be sure to join us on March 2 @ 11am & 3:30pm CST as we explore MUSIC. Visit KLRN's website for more information about our ARTS series.

Grades K-2
Paint-a-long | Peg + Cat 
Use this game resource to help foster the skill of combining shapes - to draw Peg, Cat, and all their friends. Peg can help you every step of the way as you use your paintbrush and different colors to draw snazzy shapes or colorful characters—or, she can leave you to make your own beautiful painting. Either way, this game is sure to bring out the artiste in you!

Grades 3-5
Laurel True: Visual Arts (Mosaic Art)
In this Spark video produced by KQED, see mosaic artist Laurel True transform the humblest of surfaces with her brilliantly colored designs. True's latest mural decorated the rough industrial space that sits right across the street from her Oakland studio. Using handmade tile and glass, along with commercial tile, broken dishes and pieces of mirror, True and her team created an arbor-themed diptych featuring fantastical trees that surround the words "Free Wood." Includes an Educator Guide. 

Cartoon Style with Sirron Norris 
Murals by Sirron Norris can be found throughout San Francisco. Whether inside of restaurants, on roll-up doors of local businesses, or on the walls of the City's famed Balmy Alley, his cartoon-style artwork is instantly recognizable and enjoyed by children of all ages. Norris discussed his influences, cartooning, teaching, and the business of commercial art. He also takes some time to teach the basics of cartooning. Includes an Educator Guide.

Grades 6-8
The Art Critic: How to Write About Art 
Courier-Journal critic Diane Heilenman visits an exhibit at the Louisville Visual Art Association and talks about how to look at and write about both an exhibit and a work of art. She advises finding something you can write about, which might not be the piece you find the most beautiful. Includes an Activity.

The Art of Craft: Rude Osolnik 
In this interview, Rude Osolnik maintains that what makes a good craftsman is what makes a good artist: control of their material and techniques. Includes an Activity

Grades 9-12
Art School | KQED 
Art School is a KQED web video series that introduces contemporary artists who discuss their careers and intentions, then demonstrate hands-on techniques or concepts. Art School provides resources for learning how to break dance, draw comic strips, create animations, and much more. Empower folks of all ages to engage with contemporary art, and discover new ideas for creativity from a variety of professional artists through this fun and engaging series.

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