KLRN Learn at Home for Friday, March 27, 2020
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KLRN Learn at Home

KLRN strives to provide valuable educational content to every family in our viewing area, from great drama, world-class music, in-depth news, fascinating "how-to" programs and, best of all — non-violent educational programs for your children.

During these times of uncertainty KLRN is adapting and creating new educational resources in an easy to follow format. We aim to provide the educational content and resources that support every family in our community.

During these daily blog posts, you will find that we will feature two PBS Kids programs and provide accompanying educational activities that will help extend the learning into your home. In addition to that we have added a new 4 PM time slot that aims at providing some content for older school age students. You will find resources tied to each of these programs aired daily with lessons from our PBS LearningMedia site.

We hope that this will provide your family a way to enjoy the PBS shows you love and extend the learning into your home.

All the best,
KLRN’s Education Team

Clifford The Big Red Dog

Friday at 9:30 AM

Knights of the Wobbly Table - Emily Elizabeth and Clifford visit the library to find a special book. But, when they arrive, they find that it's missing and was last checked out by Emily Elizabeth! Where has it gone? Emily Elizabeth and Clifford go on a noble quest to trace the book back through friends and family, only to find it in a surprising place.

Don't Lead Me a Stray - It's the annual Pet Adoption Fair on Birdwell Island! Emily Elizabeth and Clifford want to help others find their forever friends, just like they did. While Clifford helps a little doggy learn that his forever friend (whoever that may be) will love him just as he is, Emily Elizabeth helps Pablo as he tries to find his own best animal friend.

After viewing the PBS program, try these fun activities:


Simple ways to support your baby’s growing language and literacy skills:

  • Copy your baby’s sounds and encourage him to imitate you.
  • Put words to her sounds: I think you want to tell me about the doggy over there. Look at that doggy. Hi, doggy!
  • Sing songs you know, or make up songs about your baby (Happy bathtime to you, happy bathtime to you, happy bathtime, sweet baby, happy bathtime to you.) You don’t have to be on key or be good at carrying a tune. Babies don’t judge—they love hearing your voice.


Activity Ideas:

  • Touch some new textures. Gather together small squares of different fabrics (lace, cotton, corduroy, nylon, etc.). Snip a small hole through each square and tie them together with a piece of ribbon (they can also be stitched together at the corner as well). Let your baby touch the fabric “book” and talk about how the different textures feel. Does she have a favorite page?
  • Make a photo album. Glue photos of your child and the important people in her life onto sturdy 4x6 index cards. Punch a hole in the upper left corner of each card and tie them together with a short piece of yarn. Share the book with your baby. She will love seeing pictures of the people she loves and hearing you talk about them (and her!).

Preschool Activities

Play Games: Games create opportunities for family fun, plus hone useful critical thinking, planning, problem-solving and imagination skills. Here are a few particularly inventive examples:

  • The “What If” Game: During down times like sitting at the dinner table or waiting for your favorite PBS Kids show to begin, pose a fantastical “What if…” question to your child and see how she answers. “What if Clifford plopped down on the table right now?” “What if people had eight fingers on each hand?” In this game, anything is possible.
  • “Play the Show”: Encourage your child to act out her favorite show or pretend to be their favorite character. Does she want to take her friend Clifford for a walk around the neighborhood? Go on the ferry to Birdwell Island? Not only does this exercise her imagination, it also helps teach empathy as she practices role playing others’ feelings.

More ideas

These great ideas are from an article written by Andy & Amber Ankowski, Spark Your Child’s Imagination with Clifford.

Try these fun PBS Kids games and activities:

  • Use PBS resources to help engage your child in activities that help foster strong language skills in your child.
  • Puede encontrar recursos en español aqui.

Cyberchase: Perfect Fit

Friday at 3:30 PM

The monster Gigabyte returns! The bad guys bring Gigabyte to a remote,Mayan-style pyramid on cybersite Jimaya. The CyberSquad must work their way past a variety of obstacles, and block the rays of the sun before it can energize the metal monster and cause chaos!


At this age, your child might be ready for a big measurement challenge.

  • Introduce him to a tape measure. Show how you can use this tool to measure really big things. Then challenge him to measure the floor of a small room. How many feet and inches is it? If your child enjoys this challenge, have him measure the floor plan of your entire home!
  • Try this Cyberchase activity Improve Slider’s Glider.

For more Fun Cyberchase articles, activities, games and more go to PBS here.

American Masters: Eric Saarinen

Friday at 4 PM

Explore the life of the modernist architect behind visionary buildings like St. Louis' Gateway Arch. Travel with his son, director of photography Eric Saarinen, ASC, as he visits his father's work on a cathartic journey, shot in 6K.

For Grades Pre-K-4

ArtQuest: Geometric and Organic Shapes in Architecture

Architect Mary Roskilly teaches Joseph the difference between GEOMETRIC and ORGANIC shapes.

For Grades K-8

Triangles and Arches in Architecture

The shape of a structure and its individual parts is often as important as the material the structure is made of. This collection of still images shows some of the ways builders use two of the most important shapes in architecture: the triangle and the arch.

For Grades 7-12

Trinity of American Architecture | Reimagining a Buffalo Landmark

Learn about Louis Sullivan, Frank Lloyd Wright and H.H. Richardson — the “Trinity of American Architects” — and the impact that they have had on the city of Buffalo. As a key hub for transporting goods, Buffalo saw rapid growth in the mid-1800s. It was then hit hard by economic decline, which threatened the condition of Buffalo’s architectural legacy.

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Tune in tomorrow for more learning fun with your favorite PBS Kids programs.

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