Chat & Learn for Teachers l Summer of Reading with PBS LearningMedia
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May's Chat & Learn featured resources from PBS LearningMedia to encourage students to continue reading and learning over their summer vacation.

Chat & Learn is held on the OVEE (Online Video Engagement Experience) platform. OVEE is a free, online screening platform where you can chat live in a “virtual theater” with other teachers. We've wrapped our Chat & Learn sessions for the current school year. Look for our next Chat & Learn in August 2016. 

How and Why We Read | Crash Course English Literature #101
John Green kicks off the Crash Course Literature mini series with a reasonable set of questions. Why do we read? What's the point of reading critically? John will argue that reading is about effectively communicating with other people. Unlike a direct communication though, the writer has to communicate with a stranger, through time and space, with only "dry dead words on a page." 

Ruby Sings the Blues | Between the Lions
This video segment from Between the Lions features an animated story about a little girl who is always very loud but learns how to control the volume of her voice through singing. All words are seen on screen. Featured vocabulary include: loud, quiet, volume, singing, yell, and holler. This video segment provides a resource for Fluency, Vocabulary, and Language and Vocabulary Development. 

Reading with Feeling  | The Electric Company
The Burnham Brothers sing "Reading with Feeling," a song explaining the importance of reading with the feelings ascribed to the characters and events. This resource teaches reading techniques and fluency. 

Author Interview  |  Brian Selznick 
Brian Selznick feels that his illustrations are more authentic when he immerses himself in his subject matter. Learn about his research methods, how he ended up as a children's illustrator, and his childhood inspirations in this series of Meet the Author videos—over a dozen short interview clips with various authors. 

American Masters
American Masters, public television’s award-winning biography series, brings unique originality and perspective to exploring the lives and illuminating the creative journeys of our most enduring writers, musicians, visual and performing artists, dramatists and filmmakers – those who have left an indelible impression on our nation’s cultural landscape. This collection offers you access to classroom-ready videos and articles drawn from the Series broadcasts and website.

Shakespeare Uncovered
Shakespeare Uncovered combines history, biography, iconic performances, new analysis, and the personal passions of its celebrated hosts to tell the stories behind the stories of Shakespeare’s greatest plays.

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