Preview of Congressional District 23 candidates
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Congressional District 23 is a swing district with a large Hispanic population. It is also the largest in Texas. No one has won the district in back-to-back elections since 2004. This year is a rematch between the former incumbent, Democrat Pete Gallego, and current Republican Congressman Will Hurd. 

Gallego joins us to discuss the issues.

Evan Smith, Chief Executive Officer of the Texas Tribune joins Rick Casey from Austin with the fallout in Texas from The Tape: Donald Trump's remarkable boys-on-the-bus meditation on the perks of being a star. 

And, in Casey's Last Word, many male republican leaders have responded to that tape by expressing outrage as the fathers of daughters. Casey has a suggestion for them: Talk to your daughters. 

Tune in to Texas Week at 8 p.m. Fridays.

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