Donald Trump's San Antonio Connection
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Whatever your opinion may be of Donald Trump's run for the Presidency, you must admit he is getting an enormous amount of attention.

A big part of this attention is generated through his campaign's strategic use of the Internet and social media.

The Trump campaign website was created right here in San Antonio by the digital marketing firm Giles-Parscale, which continues to operate the site and assist on other social media platforms.

On SciTech Now, we go inside Giles-Parscale to learn more about the company's culture and philosophy.  We meet the co-founders, Jill Giles and Brad Parscale, who formed a partnership they describe as "yin and yang" in blending her design prowess with his technical expertise.

Both partners offer their perspective on how the digital revolution continues to impact our daily lives and what the future holds in the world of tech.

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