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Turn Your Classroom Green This Month!
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PBS LearningMedia

April is Earth Month, and we've gathered some of our favorite resources from PBS LearningMedia you can use all month long. New to PBS LearningMedia? Register for a FREE account, and you'll join a community of educators using digital technology to drive student engagement.

Video | Earth Day: All About the Holidays | Grades K-5    
Did you know April 22 was chosen as "Earth Day" so students and teachers could participate during the warmer spring months? How are you and your class celebrating the Earth and the environment today?

Collection | Songs For Unusual Creatures | Grades K-8    
Discover some of Earth's most unusual animals - like the Sea Pig, Glass Frog, and Magnapinna Squid - and find out what makes them so unique! 

Collection | Art and the Environment | Grades K-13+   
Show your students how artists incorporate environmental concerns into their work with this Arts eco-literacy collection.

Lesson | Effects of Environmental Change | Grades 3-5, 13+   
What would happen to the praying mantis if the rainforests disappeared? This science lesson explores changing environments and the impact on plants and animals.

Collection | Nature | Grades 3-12
From the Arrowhead Mountains of Montana to the coral reefs of Cuba, introduce students to the wonders, behaviors, and habitats of some of Earth's most well-known (and not-so-well-known!) creatures.

Collection | Where Words Touch the Earth | Grades 3-12    
Oral History Collection: View our planet from a Native American perspective, and learn how changes in the environment has impacted their communities.

Collection | Young Voices for the Planet | Grades 4-8    
This collection features a range of inspiring and uplifting success stories of kids (ages 9-17) working together to improve the health of the planet. Hear their stories in this documentary series, "Young Voices for the Planet." 

Collection | Earth a New Wild | Grades 5-10    
Take your students on a tour of some of the most fascinating natural systems found on Earth with videos, interactives, lesson plans, and a virtual field trip to Africa - from the PBS series, "EARTH: A New Wild." 

Collection | Engineering for Good | Grades 6-8    
Use the engineering design process to solve the plastic pollution problem using Engineering for Good, a media-rich unit for middle school students from KQED.

Video | The Environmental Movement and the First Earth Day | Grades 6-12    
What factors contributed to greater interest in conservation in the 1960s? Explore the first Earth Day and the history of the environmental movement with this lesson from American Masters. 

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