KLRN Learn at Home for Thursday, March 26, 2020
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KLRN Learn at Home

KLRN strives to provide valuable educational content to every family in our viewing area, from great drama, world-class music, in-depth news, fascinating "how-to" programs and, best of all — non-violent educational programs for your children.

During these times of uncertainty KLRN is adapting and creating new educational resources in an easy to follow format. We aim to provide the educational content and resources that support every family in our community.

During these daily blog posts, you will find that we will feature two PBS Kids programs and provide accompanying educational activities that will help extend the learning into your home. In addition to that we have added a new 4 PM time slot that aims at providing some content for older school age students. You will find resources tied to each of these programs aired daily with lessons from our PBS LearningMedia site.

We hope that this will provide your family a way to enjoy the PBS shows you love and extend the learning into your home.

All the best,
KLRN’s Education Team

Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood

Daniel Gets Frustrated / Frustration at School
Thursday at 9 AM

After viewing the PBS program, try these fun activities.

Exploring Feelings

Infants: Babies are only just starting to learn about their emotions and how to express them. Play is the natural way that babies learn and develop, and play gives them a chance to explore and express feelings like happiness or frustration. Through play with your baby, you can help your baby learn to communicate emotions.

Play with your baby is mostly about back-and-forth interactions with you – it’s not all about toys. Just making faces with you is a game for your baby. And as you gaze into each other’s eyes, you build your relationship too.

Toddlers: Toddlers are little people with big feelings that they don’t always have the words for. Because play is the natural way children learn and develop, playing with your toddler gives him a chance to express his feelings and learn to manage them. You can also help your toddler recognize what she’s feeling and why.

Some things you can do to help support your toddlers understanding of feelings are read some books about feelings, use imaginative play such as puppets or toys and create a fun story about caring for someone or rescuing a pup from a tree. You can also explore singing and dancing and talk about how different music makes you feel.

Preschool Activity: Use a paper and have children draw their feelings. Then talk about their feelings. Here is a fun print out from Daniel Tiger to help you explore your feelings.

To explore more about Feelings, go to Mad Feelings-Daniel Tiger: Life’s Little Lessons This activity will focus on how you can help children work on developing self-control, listening carefully and using strategies to calm down when they feel mad.

Fun Activity for Everyone

Try this fun activity that everyone would enjoy: Yoga Class: Following My Teacher: Sesame Street

Try these fun PBS Kids games and activities:

  • Use PBS resources to help engage your child in activities that help foster strong social emotional skills with your favorite PBS characters.
  • PBS kids games are also a great way to continue to learn about emotions and self-awareness in a fun and engaging way. Check out these PBS Kids games.


The Legend of Pinkfoot / Flossie the Mossling
Thursday at 1 PM

At bedtime, Pinkalicious befriends an owl in her backyard! Soon, she and Owlivia are singing together. It's fun to have a nocturnal friend,until Pinkalicious realizes she isn't nocturnal - she's losing precious sleep! / Pinkalicious and Peter build an igloo in the backyard. But when all their friends want to sleep over in it, they'll need an even bigger igloo - a tower of igloos!

After viewing the PBS Program check out this Britannica Encyclopedia site about igloos here.

Build: Look for items to use around your home to build an igloo. You can cut white paper into squares, use marshmallows and toothpicks, kinetic sand, play dough, cotton balls, legos, be creative with materials and help your child build their own igloo. Afterward talk about how they built their igloo.

For more Fun Pinkalicious articles, activities, games and more go to PBS here.

History Detectives

Thursday at 4 PM

History Detectives returns to explore the stories behind historic sites, artifacts and tall tales told in cities across the country, with the help of an inquisitive team of fact-finders with an uncanny talent for uncovering the truth.

For Grades 1-3

Looking For Lincoln Throughout His Life

In this interdisciplinary lesson, students gather different facts about Lincoln through a variety of hands-on activities. Students will tell a story about their own lives by using classroom items. They will also create a timeline of Lincoln's life and their own.

For Grades 4-12

An Illustrated World War II Letter

An illustrated World War II letter by artist Harry Jackson, 1944. (Kentucky, 1907-1985.) Medium: Colored pencil on paper; 8-1/2" X 11." Source: MSS Jackson, Harry, The Kentucky Library and Museum, Western Kentucky University, Kentucky, USA.

We hope you enjoyed some of these activities. If you follow KLRN on your facebook account please be sure to share your activities and use the #KLRNeducates and #KLRNLearnatHome tags.

Tune in tomorrow for more learning fun with your favorite PBS Kids programs.

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