Volunteering at KLRN


Join volunteers who come from more than 30 counties throughout South Texas to play a vital role in helping us enhance public outreach and sustain viewer support. Volunteers are valued for their time, energy, experience and expertise. You also get a chance to meet other volunteers. community leaders and KLRN staff.

Volunteer Opportunities

Annual Blazing Gavels Auction
Join us in our studio for this lively event to support one of the largest live on-air auctions in the nation. We will be auctioning over 5,000 items.

Education Department Support
Support KLRN's educational mission by volunteering with the Education Department. We need help with children's activities and event preparation both at KLRN and in the community. Contact Maricella, Director of Education, at mborroel@klrn.org.

Office Support
If you have some time to spare, lend us your administrative support skills. Times available are Monday-Friday, hours 9am-5pm.

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Any Questions?
For more information on volunteer opportunities and scheduled events, contact Lauren Silva at (210) 270-9000 or volunteers@klrn.org.