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News links for Monday, Feb. 20

Attorney General’s Office Collecting Voting Records, Romo Responds to Forced Leave and other headlines.

News links for Friday, Feb. 17

SAISD Trustee Face Bribery Charges, HOV Lane planned for I-10 and other headlines.

News links for Thursday, Feb. 16

Texas supporting Trump travel ban, ‘Religious Liberty’ legislation filed and other headlines.

News links for Tuesday, Feb. 14

San Antonio one of five cities in ICE raids, Rep. Castro concerned about raids and other headlines

State News

The Brief: In poll, most Texans say "bathroom bill" isn't an important issue

Editor's note: If you'd like The Brief in your inbox every weekday, subscribe here. Tribune today Most Texans aren't...

Texas leaders won't commit to more resources for sex-trafficking victims

How the crusade against sex trafficking in Texas has left child victims behind. A week after the Texas Tribunes Sold...

UT/TT Poll: Support for marijuana growing like a weed in Texas

Opposition to legal marijuana is dropping in Texas, with fewer than one in five respondents to the latest University...

UT/TT Poll: Texans take a hard line on immigration and refugees

A majority of Texans support banning Syrian refugees and blocking individuals from seven countries from entering the...

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