Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month

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Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month from September 15 through October 15 with KLRN and KLRN World by tuning in to our line up of special programming.



Sept. 16  |  10PM

Richard Bang's South America: Quest for Wonder

Sept. 17  |  7PM

Antiques Roadshow: Celebrating Latino Heritage

Sept. 21  |  10:30PM

SA 300: Canary Islands Special

Sept. 23  |  10PM

Richard Bang's Adventures with a Purpose: Costa Rica

Sept. 25  |  10PM

American Masters: Pedro E. Guerreo: A Photographer's Journey

Sept. 27  |  10PM

Soundstage: John Secada

Sept. 28  |  9PM

The 2018 Hispanic Heritage Awards

Oct. 2  |  10PM

Home Truth

Oct. 7  |  10PM

Rick Steve's Special: Andalucia: The Best of Southern Spain

Oct. 8 |  10PM

Voces on PBS: Children of Giant

Oct. 9  |  10PM

Place to Stand

Oct. 12  |  8PM

Los Matachines de la Santa Cruz

Oct. 12  |  9PM

Arts in Context: The Art of Dia De Los Muertos

KLRN World

Sept. 16  |  5PM

Latin Music USA

Sept. 16  |  9PM

DocWorld: Towards the North/ Los Comandos

Sept. 16  |  10PM

Voces on PBS: Now En Espanol

Sept. 18  |  8PM

Ballet Hispanico

Sept. 18  |  9:30PM

Salsa! The Dance Sensation

Sept. 19  | 9PM

Richard Bang's South America: Quest for Wonder

Sept. 20 |  8PM

Secrets of the Dead: Teotihuacan's Lost Kings

Sept. 21 |  8PM

First Peoples: Americas/ Africa

Sept. 22 |  9PM

America Reframed: We Like It Like That

Sept. 23  |  9PM

Doc World: Tocando La Luz

Sept. 26 |  8PM

American Masters: Pedro E. Guerrero: A Photographer's Journey

Oct. 3 |  9PM

Home Truth

Oct. 6 |  7PM

American Masters: Pedro E. Guerreo: A Photographer's Journey

Oct. 6 |  8PM

Voces on PBS: El Poeta

Oct. 13 |  9PM

America Reframed: The Hand That Feeds

Oct. 14 |  10PM

Reel South: 120 Days

Oct. 15 |  8PM

The Head of Joaquin Murrieta








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