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Local Election Resources

Bexar County Elections information

Early Voting information

Texas Secretary of State

Am I registered and where should I vote?

League of Women Voters

MySA.com Political Coverage


Follow along on Election Night

PBS NewsHour Plans Extensive Multiplatform Election Coverage for Election Day, Tuesday, November 2, 2010
PBS NewsHour: 7PM on KLRN PBS (9.1)
PBS NewsHour Election Special: 10PM on KLRN World (9.2)

When voters head to the polls to cast their ballots in the 2010 midterm elections, they may make history by voting for a big change in the federal government for the third consecutive election. Majority control of the US Congress hangs in the balance. In addition to coverage on the PBS NewsHour, Jim Lehrer will anchor a PBS special broadcast on election night, from 10pm – 11pm. The PBS NewsHour Political Team – Judy Woodruff, Gwen Ifill and David Chalian will report the evening’s events from the NewsHour studio together with NewsHour’s regular political analysts, syndicated columnist Mark Shields, New York Times Columnist David Brooks, as well as Stuart Rothenberg, editor of the Rothenberg Political Report. Hari Sreenivasan will be in the newsroom reporting election results as they come in and NewsHour Correspondents will report from key locations around the country.

PBS NewsHour ( www.pbs.org/newshour ) is partnering with Ustream to provide LIVE election coverage online beginning at 9pm and continuing into the early morning. Throughout the evening, up-to-the-minute online video, maps, and interactive graphics will help viewers to make sense of the results and navigate the shifting political landscape.

NewsHour’s special election coverage on November 2 includes:
-- Live video stream of NewsHour election coverage Election night LIVE webcast special airing 9pm-10pm and a special broadcast 10pm-11pm on-air and online, both hosted by Jim Lehrer
-- Live blog with up-to-the-minute updates on key races, video of key speeches and analysis of trusted NewsHour regulars and dispatches from local PBS stations
-- Video features will also include a midterm election highlights mash-up video
-- A special results page will house live AP results data and feature the Patchwork Nation map and graphics that demonstrate any shifts in balance of power, among other features
-- A social media stream highlighting people’s election comments on Twitter, Facebook, MySpace and AIM as well comments by political analysts selected by the NewsHour staff.

For the latest political news from The PBS NewsHour, please see: PBS NewsHour’s Politics Page


Forums Featuring Local Candidates

Texas Decision 2010:
Candidates for State Representative

This forum was recorded LIVE on Thursday, October 14 in the Robert L. B. Tobin Studio at KLRN.

Candidates for State Representative
(R) John V. Garza and (D) David McQuade Liebowitz
119 (R) Michael E. Holdman and (D) Roland Gutierrez

122 (R) Lyle Larson (not participating) and (D) Masarrat Ali
124 (D) Jose Menendez and (L) Douglas P. Hanson
125 (D) Joaquin Castro and (L) Jeffrey C. Blunt (not participating)

Watch the full episode. See more KLRN.


Texas Decision 2010:
Candidates for U.S. Representative and State Senator 19

This forum was recorded in the Robert L. B. Tobin Studio at KLRN on Sunday, October 17.

U.S. Representative
20 (R) Clayton Trotter, (D) Charles A. Gonzalez and (L) Michael Idrogo
21 (R) Lamar Smith, (D) Lainey Melnick and (L) James Arthur Strohm
23 (R) Francisco Canseco, (D) Ciro D. Rodriguez, (L) Martin Nitschke, (G) Ed Scharf and (I) Craig T. Stephens
28 (R) Bryan Underwood, (D) Henry Cuellar, (L) Stephen Kaat

State Senator
19 (R) Dick Bowen, (D) Carlos Uresti, (L) Mette E. Baker


Texas Decision 2010:
Candidates for State Senator 25, District Attorney
and County Commissioner

This forum was recorded in the Robert L. B. Tobin Studio at KLRN on Sunday, October 17.

State Senator
25 (R) Jeff Wentworth, (L) Arthur Maxwell Thomas IV

District Attorney
(R) Susan D. Reed and (D) Nicolas LaHood

County Commissioner
Pct. 2 (G) Kat Swift and (D) Paul Elizondo
Pct. 4 (R) Susan Pamerleau, (D) Tommy Adkisson and (L) Brett Weiss


Texas Decision 2010:
Candidates for
County Court of Law Judges and State Board of Education

This forum was recorded in the Robert L. B. Tobin Studio at KLRN on Sunday, October 17.

County Court at Law Judges
Court 1- (R) John D. Fleming and (D) Al Alonso
Court 2- (R) Jason Wolff and (D) H. Paul Canales
Court 4- (R) Sarah Garrahan and (D) Alfred Ximenez
Court 5- (R) Jason Pulliam, (D) Ina Marie Castillo and (L) Raymundo Aleman
Court 6- (R) Wayne Christian and (D) Ray J. Olivarri
Court 7- (R) Eugenia "Genie" Wright and (D) Monica E. Guerrero
Court 9- (R) Walden Shelton and (D) Laura Lee Salinas
Court 11- (R) Carlo Key and (D) JoAnn S. De Hoyos
Court 12- (R) Scott Roberts and (D) Richard Garcia
Court 14- (R) Bill C. White and (D) Ernest Acevedo

State Board of Education 3-
(R) Tony Cunningham, (D) Michael Soto and (L) Dean Kareem Higley








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