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KLRN Delivers

KLRN offers a broad reach throughout South Central Texas. Through on-air, online, digital, educational, and event sponsorship opportunities, we can deliver your message to a large, highly desirable audience.

Partnering with KLRN Connects You to Viewers

When you partner with KLRN, you have the daily opportunity to tell viewers —  successful, educated and active — that you value programming that teaches, inspires and broadens horizons, as well as entertains. It also demonstrates that you share a commitment to an organization that serves the local community. Our viewers build a strong connection to you as a KLRN partner, and it’s a connection that often results in our viewers supporting your business.

Partnering Equals Results

  • Delivers Return on Your Investment
  • Builds Brand Loyalty & Trust
  • Cultivates Clients and Consumers
  • Shows Your Good Corporate Citizenship

Associate Your Company with Matchless Trust

PBS’s commitment to use media for the public good has earned the trust and respect of the American people.  PBS has ranked No. 1 in public trust for 15 consecutive years. Source: Marketing & Research Resources, Inc. (M&RR), January 2018.

No other media company is more dedicated to our viewers, democracy and our culture than PBS. KLRN welcomes all to explore the worlds of science, nature and history, shares multiple perspectives and invites audiences to experience the arts in ways that may not otherwise be possible. PBS viewers feel that companies that support public television have a commitment to quality and excellence.

In fact:

  • 70% of PBS viewers said PBS sponsors are high quality brands
  • 62% of PBS viewers agree that sponsors are industry leaders

Source: PBS Sponsorship Study: Audience Attitudes & Behaviors, City Square Associates, March 2015.

Expand Your Reach

Your target audience can view PBS without subscribing to cable or satellite. KLRN reaches 30 counties daily, including multicultural communities, families, kids, teachers and active and engaged Texans.  

KLRN is simply the best way to reach:

  • Opinion Leaders
  • Decision Makers
  • High Income Households
  • Educated Citizens

Demographics (PDF)

On-Air Sponsorship

Program Sponsorship

A partnership with KLRN is much more than traditional advertising. It is a marketing opportunity that allows you to align your brand with the high impact programs we air. Each year, hundreds of organizations reach millions of viewers through their support of public television.

A KLRN partnership package offering program-specific sponsorships and/or run of schedule sponsorships can be tailored to complement your marketing goals and to help ensure that you reach your target audience. Edited from an existing spot or created fresh by KLRN’s professional producers, your on-air recognition will be broadcast to communities across 30 South Central Texas counties.

Partnership benefits:

  • High quality, award-winning programming
  • Uncluttered environment allowing your message to stand out
  • Category exclusivity
  • Desirable hard-to-reach audience who are educated, active, affluent and engaged in our community
  • Association with the PBS name

Production Sponsorships

To take advantage of this unique and valuable marketing tool, please contact Valerie Darling at You can also call (210) 270-9000.

Creative Guidelines (PDF)

Event Sponsorship

For event sponsorship opportunities, please contact Valerie Darling at (210) 270-9000 or