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Reentry National Media Outreach Campaign

KLRN, in partnership with the University of Texas at San Antonio’s College of Public Policy, held a series of six screening and panel discussion events during 2005, each focusing on a particular theme related to offender reentry. January 27, 2005-Barriers to Offender Reentry; March 31, 2005-Housing, Employment, Health, and Special Needs Issues; May 26, 2005-Family, Faith and Social Networks; July 28, 2005-Youthful Offenders; September 29, 2005-Women Offenders; December 1, 2005-Best Practices: Programs that Work. At each event, attendees received packets with information on offender reentry as well as flyers promoting the film series for distribution to others not in attendance.

Click here for a presentation about the project.

What Is Prisoner Reentry?

Prisoner reentry is the process of leaving prison or jail and returning to society. All prisoners experience reentry irrespective of their method of release, whether they are released on parole or without additional supervision. If the reentry process is successful, there are benefits in terms of improved public safety and the long-term reintegration of the former prisoner.

More people are leaving prisons across the country to return to their families and communities than at any other time in our history. Nationally, over 600,000 individuals will be released from state and federal prisons this year, a fourfold increase over the past two decades. From a number of perspectives, the issue of how people fare after they exit the prison gates has received renewed attention. Many will have difficulty managing the most basic ingredients for successful reintegration-reconnecting with jobs, housing, and their families, and accessing needed substance abuse and health care treatment.

Campaign Goals

The goals of this campaign were to expand public awareness and dialogue while working with key organizations to strengthen families and neighborhoods. The Reentry National Media Outreach Campaign facilitates discussion and decision making about solution-based reentry programs that foster public safety and support healthy communities.

Community Partners and Panelists

Partners in this project included the City of San Antonio, Texas Justice Network and Bexar County Detention Ministries, Texas Justice Network and the NAACP Prison Project, Woman at the Well House Ministries, MATCH / PATCH, Macedonia Baptist Church, Southwest Key Program, Joven, Jireh House, Crosspoint, Inc. of San Antonio, Archdiocese of San Antonio and the Peace Center.

Panelists included George Keiser, the National Institute of Justice in Washington D.C.; Juanita Gonzalez, Texas Board of Pardons and Paroles; Diane Rath, Texas Workforce Commission and Bryan Collier, Texas Department of Criminal Justice. 

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For More Information

For more information about KLRN's reentry activities contact Lisa McGrath at 210.270.9000.


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