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Congratulations to our 2009 Contest Winners!

2009 Winners

1st Place: Emmanuel J. Collins —Emma's New Friend
2nd Place: Ana Gonzalez — The Story of My Life
3rd Place: Radhika Nair — My Hat and the Little Bird

First Grade

1st Place: Reid Yackel —The Adventures of Archie the Alligator
2nd Place: Avery Elledge — If I Switched with my Mother
3rd Place: Eleanor Zinsmeister — The Story of Two Dogs

Second Grade
1st Place: Kay Klepetko — Fox Makes Some Friends
2nd Place: Isabelle Zentil — Little Chef
3rd Place: Nathan Coughran — Tiny and Huge Became Friends

Third Grade
1st Place: Benjamin Craig — Oh The Stories Stamps Would Tell
2nd Place: Laura Thevaos — Freedom

3rd Place: Karli Kissling — Cancer

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