An American Treasure Early Interests

Texas Treasures
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In this lesson, students in grades 4 to 5 will learn about clay manipulation as they examine alternate meanings of the word “treasure.” Engage students to recognize clay as a natural resource used by a variety of cultures in prehistoric times and speculate how its discovery impacted early civilizations. Create a standing mission façade based on historical facts, using the Harding Black video clips “An American Treasure” and “Early Interests” for inspiration and further insight into the history of pottery.

Interests in One of a Kind Pots

When Clay Speaks
Lesson Plan
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Engage students in grades 3 to 4 with this lesson concerning clay characteristics, clay’s impact on certain cultures and symbolic representations through clay.  Use the clip “Interests in One of a Kind Pots” from the Harding Black series to enhance the learning experience.

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Harding Black: Taking it to Another Level
Lesson Plan
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“Take it to another level” with these suggested activities that incorporate instructional goals in several subject areas, and may be used for any grade level in conjunction with the video Harding Black: An American Treasure.

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