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You can choose your own special way to support KLRN, The Learning Place — from making an individual contribution to volunteering your time at fun-filled events. Below are a few examples of how you can support KLRN. If you would like to be contacted to discuss how you would like to lend your support, click or contact Cynthia Shields at cshields@klrn.org or 210.270.9000, ext. 2222 (During a live pledge drive, you may call 210.270.9099 for more information on how to support KLRN).

KLRN is a community licensee and is supported by you and your community. It is your public television station.

Individual Support
KLRN strives for the exceptional, the extraordinary in a world full of the "ordinary." Your support helps to provide great drama, world-class music, in-depth news, fascinating "how to" programs, and best of all — non-violent educational programs for your children. And you keep us on the air, working hard to be anything but ordinary. Click here to review the different levels of individual support.

Combined Federal Campaign and State Employees Charitable Campaign

KLRN has been selected to participate in the Combined Federal Campaign (CFC). To offer KLRN your support through the CFC, please refer to the station's CFC agency numbers on your employer giving form:
CFC#: 40654

KLRN has also been approved for inclusion in this year's State Employees Charitable Campaign (SECC). To contribute to KLRN through the SECC, please refer to the station's SECC code as listed in the brochure: 413011 KLRN-TV.

Please let us know if you become a member through the CFC or SECC campaign. To receive all member benefits, Federal or State employees participating in the annual campaign please provide KLRN with a copy of your CFC or SECC and your mailing address. Fax your form to (210) 270-9078 or mail to KLRN, PO Box 9, San Antonio, TX 78291-0009. Please send to the attention of the Membership Department.

We will keep you updated on how your contributions are being used. You can contact the membership department at 210-270-9000 or email us at membership@klrn.org.

Corporate Support
KLRN corporate partners invest in our exceptional programming, sponsoring a station event or by providing in-kind support. To learn more about the different levels of corporate support, click here.

Planned Giving
KLRN's planned giving programs offer a wealth of attractive contribution options. Reduced family tax burdens and a guaranteed lifetime income are just two of the many benefits these programs can provide. Click here to learn more about planned giving.

The KLRN Endowment Fund was formed to provide long-term financial stability by generating a steady source of annual income to meet current needs and provide KLRN with growth.

Reach an attractive audience. Our noncommercial programming allows us to air more programming minutes per hour than any other network. Your sponsor message will stand out, giving you a stronger impact and greater viewer recognition than you would receive from other networks. For details, contact Andrea Scotto, (ascotto@klrn.org) 210.270.9000, ext. 2304.

Support from individuals and organizations make KLRN events successful. Discover what volunteer opportunities are available on a weekly to annual basis.

KLRN 1-2-3 Car Donation Program
Support KLRN programming by donating your unwanted car, motorcycle, RV or boat! When you make a donation your vehicle is resold at an auto auction, and the proceeds go to KLRN, The Learning Place.

Blazing Gavels Auction Donor
By donating to the Blazing Gavels Auction, your company and item will receive on-air exposure on KLRN, which reaches more than 2,000,000 viewers throughout South Central Texas. For details visit blazinggavels.com or call John Costello, 210.270.9000, ext. 2236.

Restaurant/Event Participants
Another great opportunity for businesses to help support KLRN and provide food to the station's guests and/or volunteers. To discuss how you might be able to support KLRN is this area, contact KLRN Director of Events, John Costello, at jcostello@klrn.org or 210-270-9000, ext. 2236., .


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Your support helps to provide educational children's programming for our community.

Donate Your Vehicle

Donate Your Vehicle

Donate your used vehicle, boat or motorcycle to help support KLRN.

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Call us at 210-270-9000 during business hours or visit klrn.org/dtv for some specific steps that might help!