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Understanding underwriting and various ways to support KLRN

Why support KLRN?

Public television underwriters are associated with an institution that has earned a reputation for superb programming in news, science, entertainment, the arts and children’s programming. KLRN’s viewers feel that companies that support public television have a commitment to quality and excellence. “A company is known by the company it keeps!”

Cause Marketing:

  • 96% believe that a corporation has a responsibility to the community.
  • 75% said that good corporate citizenship played a part in determining whether they did business with a company
    (Education Now, Council for Aid to Education, 1995)

KLRN’s success in delivering quality programming is directly tied to organizations like yours that share in KLRN’s vision. Your investment in KLRN will go even beyond television – into our communities via our outreach efforts. We are proud of our partnerships and welcome you to enjoy the many benefits that public television will provide for you.

To take advantage of this unique and valuable marketing tool, please contact Andrea Scotto at ascotto@klrn.org or 210.270.9000, ext. 2304.

What are my Sponsorship Options?

KLRN provides programming that stimulates the imagination in an environment free of commercial pressure. Your message will stand out, giving you a stronger impact and greater viewer recognition. Your message will be the only one in your industry supporting a particular program.

Program sponsorship offers you both visual and verbal acknowledgement that is broadcast to nearly two million viewers in over 750,000 households throughout thirty south central counties. KLRN will produce your on-air recognition as part of your benefits package of being a program sponsor.

Primetime Partners
Primetime Partners are businesses, organizations and individuals whose support of KLRN is most visible during memberships campaigns.

Membership Challenge
You and your employees are invited to join KLRN on the air every March during the annual Membership Challenge. In recognition of your challenge gift to the station, you will receive frequent mentions of your company on the air, two live interviews with a company spokesperson, underwriting credits for an entire pledge evening, and an opportunity for team building and fun.

General & In-Kind Support
The power of public television can be yours no matter how you choose to support KLRN. You may want to offer an annual gift in support of the station simply because it is a valuable community resource. Or perhaps you are able to provide services to offset our operating expenses. We welcome all types and levels of support and encourage you to become a KLRN Business Partner because you value public television.

Understanding Underwriting
When you become a program sponsor, your support helps defray the acquisitions and costs associated with the broadcast of television programs. In turn, KLRN offers you a visual and verbal acknowledgement, usually around the program broadcast. Besides program-specific sponsorships, KLRN also offers rotating spots to reach a more diverse audience. Edited from an existing spot or created fresh by KLRN’s professional producers, your on-air recognition will be broadcast to nearly two million viewers in 750,000 households throughout thirty south central Texas counties.

Value Added Benefits

  • Greater impact – uncluttered environment allows your message to stand out.
    Exclusivity to your industry – You’ll be the only in your industry to market themselves around that particular program.
  • One-of-a-kind audience – loyal to PBS and its corporate sponsors and highly selective in their television viewing.
  • Association – Since the PBS name is synonymous with quality, integrity, and vision, companies aligning themselves with KLRN will enhance the emotional power and value of the sponsor’s corporate brand.
  • Perception - PBS viewers feel that companies that support PBS have a commitment to quality and excellence. Sixty-three percent of the viewers would rather choose to buy a product from a company that supports PBS rather than from another company, all other things being equal.
  • Recognition of Corporate Support on KLRN’s web site, www.klrn.org.

    For additional information on this outstanding marketing tool, please allow Andrea Scotto at 210.270.9000, ext. 2304 or ascotto@klrn.org to tailor a program targeting your marketing needs.


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