New beginnings with old lessons to help guide us!

A new school year means new beginnings for many. New teachers starting their careers, tearful kindergarten parents are wishing their children good luck on their first day of school, excited high school freshmen opening their lockers for the first time and a new Director of School Services at KLRN starting a new career outside of the classroom! I taught with Northside Independent School District for five years, seven if you count the two I was a full time substitute teacher while obtaining my teaching certificate. In June of this year, I embarked on a new journey, much like those kindergarten students on their first day of school, not really knowing what to expect but optimistic about the new and fun challenges ahead. Taking a leap of faith into the unknown is never easy. As we grow older, that child-like enthusiasm for change is lost and we are hesitant to take any risks.
My mother once said to me, “Sometimes those leaps into the unknown are what brings you to a fun and unforgettable adventure.” Once again, mom was right.

In education, we try to encourage our students to leap into the adventure that is learning. Reminding students that there are many people in history that took that leap and that their risks brought them to an unforgettable adventure. With Hispanic Heritage Month starting September 15, I think back to influential Hispanics who took a risk. People such as
César Chavez, who fought for the farm workers in order to bring them fair pay, and Sonia Sotomayor, the first Hispanic Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States. These are only two example of how Hispanics have made a mark in history and as a Hispanic, I am proud to share the same culture with these risk takers. Simply put by one of my favorite risk takers, Walt Disney, ”Our heritage and ideals, our codes and standards the things we live by and teach our children-are preserved or diminished by how freely we exchange ideas and feelings.”


This Month:

KLRN Connect Clips to use for National Hispanic Heritage month.
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Isabella Talks to Warren, Albizu, and Carmen About Race
A Segment of: Diversity Elementary: Race
Individuals of different ethnic backgrounds talk about their ideas about race, culture, heritage, and diversity.

The American Southwest and Hispanic Influence
A Segment of: Geography of the World: North America: The People
This video segment summarizes the development of cultures and the influence
of Europeans in the Southwest.

The Spanish Roots of the American Cowboy
A Segment of: The Real American Cowboy
The rodeos' customs and its terms have Mexican origins and this video clip explores
that link of the two cultures.

Try This:

Our Country’s Hispanic Heritage (Grades 2-4)

This lesson will provide information on Hispanic Heritage Month as well as Hispanic Americans in the United States. Students will learn important facts relating to Hispanic culture and will be introduced to four important Hispanic Americans and their achievements.

Multiple Perspectives on Immigrant Experiences (Grades 7-12)
This lesson will allow students to reflect on the different experiences of two Dominican-American sisters living in the United States. Students will also discuss how the Hispanic culture is portrayed in the media.

The Hispanic Experience in World War II (Grades 9-12)
A look at how World War II affected the Hispanic work force. With many at war, jobs that were closed to them were all of a sudden open to the Hispanic people in the United States. This lesson is a companion lesson for Ken Burn’s THE W
AR. Lessons include video clips.


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This Month’s Freebie:
Educational Multimedia Guides

What made America? What makes us? These two questions are at the heart of the PBS series FACES OF AMERICA. KLRN is pleased to offer FREE educational multimedia guides from the program for teachers to use in their classrooms. The guide includes profiles of the distinguished guests, student activities, and resources to learn more about genealogy and immigration, as well as a DVD of clips from the series. Supplies are limited to the first 25 teachers, so request your guide today
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MAKE A DIFFERENCE in the Health of our City!!!


One MFC Ambassador will be selected from each school. A teacher/administrator will oversee the selection and be the point of contact for the Ambassador and/or MFC Club.

Elementary: 5th Grader
Middle School: 8th Grader
High School: 10th or 11th Grader

The MFC Ambassador will do the following:

1) Receive information from the Mayor’s Fitness Council to disseminate to their school, other youths, and their families (Events/ Activities/ Web Portal / Health Ideas).

2) Form Mayor’s Fitness Clubs in their schools, if desired.

3) Attend the Mayor’s Fitness Council Launch (and receive a t-shirt) on Saturday, October 16, 2010 at Woodlawn Lake Park.

4) Provide a wonderful PR opportunity for the Mayor’s Fitness Council (through photo ops/ videos).

5) Encourage the use of the Mayor’s Fitness Council Web Portal.

6) Possibly be selected to attend Mayor’s Fitness Council events or meetings.

We hope you are interested in this wonderful opportunity for your school. For more information, please contact Amanda Graves with Metro Health, Communities Putting Prevention to Work at    

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