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Apple iPods in Education Using KLRN Connect

Addresses TAKS? Check.
Student engagement? Check.
Student learning? Check.
21st century learning tools? Check.
Works for special students? Double check!
Teacher interest? Oh, yeah! 

Working with iPods and KLRN Connect is a 21st century educator's lesson planning dream. Ask a teacher who does not have KLRN Connect from Discovery Education streaming (like I just did this morning), and you'll get verification! Students and teachers are engaged in learning when working with videos, and when the individual can choose to watch something over and over again and be in control to get it or appreciate it (think YouTube), then the learner is in charge. Isn't that what we've been wishing could happen?

iPods in the classroom are the tools that can assist students who need remediation—instantly by stopping and reviewing previous information—without the teacher's help, and this same tool can allow mobility to the advanced student to keep moving. These are the ideas students mentioned in interviews in school settings this past year in Northside ISD. Students specifically pointed out that they don't have to be embarrassed by asking questions about things they don't know; they can just push stop and rewind the video on the iPod, and also, they don't have to listen to students asking questions over and over about things they do know. One student mentioned that using the earbuds put him in a “cocoon” state where he could block everything out, and then he could concentrate on the lesson much easier. One student at a technology conference commented that “learning with videos was like learning on steroids.”

Can iPods be used effectively with special education students? In one classroom, three-fourths of the students were autistic; I observed them kind of “bound” into the room with numerous comments and issues, but once they plugged into the iPods they were engaged for thirty minutes watching video clips and seeing and hearing the directions and questions being read by the teacher.
When the teacher gave out the questions on paper in another class, several students who were below reading level looked concerned, but the teacher was able to ease their fears by letting them know that they would hear the teacher read and see the question on the iPod, and that they could stop the iPod and repeat it as many times as they needed. These students did not have another
question that period.

Another interesting observation was made at our psychiatric hospital school. A student who normally had to get under a desk to feel “safe” to do her school work was given the iPod, and when she put the earbuds in she never moved out of her chair until she finished the lesson. She felt secure enough and removed from her fears to work comfortably.

One school in Northside is converting all of their AP reviews to mp4s to put up on their webpage so students can download them to put into their iPods. Teachers already have PowerPoint’s and video clips, but now students can access them all 24/7. “ISTE's CARET website documents the research-proven benefits of utilizing video clips aligned to curricular standards,” says Northside's Academic Technology Director Joyce Stevens, “and putting this multimedia content in the hands of our students just makes sense for student-centered learning!”

From special education to college preparatory lessons, Northside is pushing forward embedding technology into student learning using many different tools. “Since iPods ‘speak’ to today's
students in a multimedia ‘language’ that they understand and enjoy, they can be used effectively and in many different ways for teaching and learning," says Kelly Smith, Asst. Supt. for
Technology in Northside ISD. 

iPods in education? Yes, iPods, videos, and being able to replay the directions and information
over and over again are the tools of choice for many students today.

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DVT Channel

Walking with Dinosaurs: The Making of the Live Experience
Tues., Sept. 15
8:00 PM on KLRN (Repeats Thurs., Sept. 17 at 7:00 pm on KLRN 9.2)

Anyone interested in dinosaurs, history, engineering, or robotics will be amazed by Walking with Dinosaurs: The Making of the Live Experience airing on KLRN in September. The program is based on the famous Walking with Dinosaurs series produced by BBC and seeks to once again bring dinosaurs to life. For a live experience, the entire floor of the AT&T Center will be cleared to make room for these massive creatures on November 4-8.  However, KLRN viewers will have a chance to watch the “behind the scenes” documentary about this amazing production—and the amount of work that goes into designing and creating these life-size creatures. Anyone familiar with engineering won’t be surprised to know that there are some tense moments, especially when the largest dinosaur is 72 feet from nose to tail. No design is ever implemented without a few hitches. Check out a preview here and then be sure to tune in on Sept. 15 and 17 to watch the whole story.

Dinosaur Train
Airs weekdays on KLRN at 8:30 AM
Premieres September 7

On the heels of its tremendously successful PBS KIDS® preschool series,Sid the Science Kid.

The Jim Henson Company premieres Dinosaur Train on September 7, continuing its legacy of quality children’s entertainment. Dinosaur Train, created by Craig Bartlett (Hey Arnold!), is set in a whimsically realistic, prehistoric world of jungles, swamps, active volcanoes, and oceans. Each day, Dinosaur Train will help kids ages 3 to 6 to apply scientific thinking as they discover new types of dinosaur species, compare and contrast dinosaurs to today's creatures, and embrace the living sciences of paleontology and natural science. The half-hour shows feature two animated episodes; each followed by short live action segments with a real paleontologist interacting with kids who love to explore the world around them. Based on input from paleontologists, science educators and early childhood education experts, Dinosaur Train promotes critical thinking skills for preschoolers based on an engaging and creative curriculum. Children can also explore the world of Dinosaur Train online at Parents and educators can extend the series' learning with activities and resources on PBS Parents ( and PBS Teachers (

2009 Fall PBS Kids Schedule

The Principal Story: A Town Hall Forum

Thurs., Sept. 10, 2009
8:00 PM on KLRN

KLRN’s The Principal Story: A Town Hall Forum features four San Antonio principals and Tod Lending, the producer of the documentary, The Principal Story. Hosted by Tanji Patton, this locally-produced program focuses on the role of principal as a leader with the school community. You can also follow the stories of the four San Antonio principals as they journal online about the challenges and opportunities they encounter in their day-to-day jobs. Join in on the conversation at: http://klrnprincipalstory/

The Principal Story on P.O.V.
Tues., Sept. 15, 2009
9:00 PM on KLRN

The Principal Story, broadcast as part of PBS’ acclaimed P.O.V series,  tells two stories, painting a dramatic portrait of the challenges facing America's public schools — and of the great difference a dedicated principal can make. Tresa Dunbar is a second-year principal at Chicago's Nash Elementary, where 98% of students come from low-income families; in Springfield, Illinois, Kerry Purcell has led Harvard Park Elementary, with similar demographics, for six years. Tod Lending (Omar & Pete, POV 2005) and David Mrazek followed both women over the course of a school year, discovering each one's unique styles yet similar passions. The Principal Story takes the viewer along for an emotional ride that reveals what effective educational leadership looks like in the 21st century. The Principal Story is a production of Nomadic Pictures with funding from The Wallace Foundation. To learn more about the principals, the schools and the national outreach campaign, visit The Wallace Foundation site.

The National Parks: America’s Best Idea
Sun., Sept. 27 through Fri., Oct. 2, 2009
8:00 PM, Repeats at 10:00 PM

Filmed over the course of more than six years at some of nature's most spectacular locales—from Acadia to Yosemite, Yellowstone to the Grand Canyon, the Everglades of Florida to the Gates of the Arctic in Alaska—The National Parks: America's Best Idea is nonetheless a story of people: people from every conceivable background—rich and poor; famous and unknown; soldiers and scientists; natives and newcomers; idealists, artists and entrepreneurs; people who were willing to devote themselves to saving some precious portion of the land they loved, and in doing so reminded their fellow citizens of the full meaning of democracy. It is a story full of struggle and conflict, high ideals and crass opportunism, stirring adventure and enduring inspiration - set against the most breathtaking backdrops imaginable.
The National Parks: America's Best Idea
is a six-episode series directed by Ken Burns and written
and co-produced by Dayton Duncan.  


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Free Webinars Presented by PBS Teachers and Classroom 2.0

Transforming Schools: P.O.V.'s The Principal Story
Tues., Sept. 1, 2009
7:00 PM - 8:00 PM
Special guests include Kerry Purcell, one of the principals featured in the film, David Mrazek, one of the filmmakers, and Eliza Licht, director of community engagement and education for P.O.V./American Documentary.
Curriculum Connection: All Subjects

Dig into Early Science Instruction with Dinosaur Train
Mon., Sept. 21, 2009
7:00 PM - 8:00 PM
Join PBS KIDS producers, scientists, and educators for an in-depth look into the newest program on PBS—Dinosaur Train.
Curriculum Connection: Science

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PBS Teacher Connect

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More Resources

Wings Over the Alamo

The Wings Over the Alamo Educator’s Guide— Teachers interested in San Antonio History
in their lessons on Texas history will find the Wings Over the Alamo documentary
produced by KLRN to be packed with a lot of great information surrounding San Antonio’s
long history in military aviation. Visit the Wings Over the Alamo website!

Social Media Pages!!


Join KLRN and the San Antonio Missions National Historical Park on Sat., Sept. 19 from
6:00 PM – 9:00 PM at Mission San José for family activities, entertainment, and a preview from the upcoming Ken Burns documentary, The National Parks: America’s Best Idea. Pack up the family and bring lawn chairs or blankets for an evening under the stars in one of San Antonio’s most beautiful historic settings.

Wings Over the Alamo

Educator Day—Friday October 23, 8-4 p.m.
Celebrate the Centennial of the First Military Flight by attending a FREE Educator Day on Fri., Oct 23 at the Institute of Texan Cultures hosted by KLRN and the Institute. Featuring the documentary, Wings Over the Alamo, this Educator Day targets Texas, US and World History educators interested in learning how to conduct effective oral history interviews, create presentations from the interviews using multimedia technology, and sharing finished work in a showcase event in the spring at ITC. This workshop is intended for lead Social Studies educators. Ask your district’s Social Studies Coordinators for more information or email Malinda McCormick at for more information.

Conference LogoCall for Presenters!
The 21st Annual National Dropout Prevention Network Conference
(Oct. 24-28, 2009 in San Antonio) is inviting innovative, skilled presenters
who have excellent ideas, proven programs, and research to share in the areas of: 1) school and cultural knowledge; 2) curriculum and instruction; 3) students with exceptionalities; 4) English language learners; 5) community connections; 6) school-home collaborations; 7) school-work partnerships; 8) assessment; 9) effective school leadership; and 10) faith-based initiatives. (Instructions on registering to attend the conference will come with your acceptance notification or you may visit the conference’s web site at  and follow the links to "register online" for the conference once that option is available.)

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