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As KLRN’s new Director of Early Childhood Services, I am blessed with the opportunity to explore a larger world and be part of a unique community of learners. Before joining KLRN, I was always impressed when I learned of programming efforts that the station led for children: Shop & Learn, PBS KIDS Raising Readers, and Little Bites, Big Steps amazed me as I saw the creativity, energy, passion, support, and vision that each program expressed. I have always respected efforts KLRN invests into the community, and I am excited that I have the opportunity to be a member of that committed and gifted team that I admired.

What an amazing experience to transition into the world of education at KLRN! Understanding the importance of enhancing services through healthy, collaborative efforts, I am thankful to serve in this position where I act as an instrument bringing valuable resources (workshops, learning groups, information, and materials) into the neighborhoods. Efforts that happen at KLRN, “The Learning Place,” speak volumes as we are penetrating communities while we are eliminating barriers; it is our focus to continue to bring ideas and resources in the neighborhoods where they are embraced by children, parents, grandparents, caregivers, teachers, community partners, and countless others.

As we work to educate the youngest among us, we are strengthening and empowering our families, neighborhoods, and communities. By building a strong foundation, we are building power and sustainability. We work cooperatively to build a community of learners who are active agents being increasingly involved in community affairs and their children’s lives. It is when we begin to understand that learning begins early on, that we begin to embrace the important roles we play in the lives of the children. Sharing the message that “any time is learning time” is a tremendous responsibility as we begin to not only understand but also adopt the truth that learning opportunities are ever present.

Outlining the plethora of KLRN’s programs, specifically in its education department, is no small feat. The investment made by local and national partners is a compliment to the services and the commitment of the KLRN family. These include the national initiative, PBS KIDS Raising Readers; the city-funded school readiness project, Early ON; and Grow with Me, funded by the United Way of San Antonio. KLRN embraces the passion for quality programming which aims to promote the importance of enhancing early childhood education, growth, and development. Receiving support from agencies and investors who share this belief is a great benefit; providing the services such as the Play & Learn groups in the communities has been a significant opportunity for us to explore the different needs of the members in our community.

Expanding services to include Play & Learn groups, supported by the City of San Antonio’s Department of Community Initiatives and United Way of San Antonio, has afforded us the opportunity to explore a new avenue of reaching children and their caregivers; individuals who are characteristically isolated and largely unidentified in our communities. In designing the Play & Learn groups, we considered the different styles of learning and worked to create meaningful and rich experiences for the participants as they were offered a passage to socialize with other families living in similar situations and experiencing similar arrangements. Exploring the world of Play & Learn is
a venture that we embrace as we develop relationships with collaborating partners, co-investors,
and families receiving our services.

There are multiple efforts currently supported by the PBS KIDS Raising Readers initiative—
Martha Speaks
Reading Buddies and The Electric Company Outreach being two. We have identified two campuses in our 78207 and 78237 target areas and are supporting the participants who
are involved with the Martha Speaks Reading Buddies Program. Targeting a fourth grade and
a kindergarten classroom at each campus, the cooperating teachers are implementing a
“Big Buddy- Little Buddy” reading experience as the younger children are mentored by the older students. Through sharing stories and doing activities together, the children are discovering the power of literature and partnerships.

Charged with penetrating our focus area has been an incredible experience as we share resources with community partners and campuses while performing outreach efforts focusing on The Electric Company. The Electric Company is a valuable resource embraced by a growing audience of learners. We are working to identify partners who will utilize curriculum provided by Sesame Street Workshop (the producers of The Electric Company) to compliment resources and materials already being used. By integrating media, quality programs, broadband experiences, and supplemental materials, we have the opportunity to reach children in multiple formats while including and encouraging learning in many styles.

Offering professional development, Training through TV, is another unique effort KLRN provides to our community. Targeting participants who teach in early childhood classrooms in San Antonio, we offer training hours as teachers participate in a training experience that touches on topics such as bringing art activities into the classroom, individualizing lessons for children, and supporting children with disabilities. Complementing Training through TV is our Lending Library, where books and supplemental materials are available for check-out. Its purpose is to offer, at no cost, multiple resources to teachers to bring more ideas into their classrooms.

We continue to learn that each community, including its needs, is unique. We understand the importance of investing our energy, time, and efforts in developing and building strong, successful, and respected programs and partnerships. I look forward to exploring the world of learning at KLRN.

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Tune In

DVT Channel

Sesame Street
Airs M-F at 9:00 a.m.

Sesame Street
The Cast of Sesame Street

Hold on to your feathers – Sesame Street is nearly 40! Since 1969, children and adults alike have flocked to the place where multiethnic, multigenerational, and even multispecies residents coexist
in harmony. The people on this very special street learn life’s lessons together, provide viewers with strong role models, and teach children that everyone brings a special ability to the community.
Here, children learn to use their imaginations, build social skills, and respect people’s differences.

A Place of Our Own

Airs M-F at 11:30 a.m.

In Spanish
Los Niños en su Casa
Airs M-F at 12:00 noon

TV for people who care for kids

KCET’s A Place of Our Own (and Los Niños en Su Casa in Spanish) is a daily television series,
a website, and an extensive outreach program devoted to the unique needs of people who care
for children. Family, friends and neighbors – everyone who takes care of young children – are child care providers. Every interaction and every activity of these adults with their charges provide valuable opportunities to help children learn and grow. A Place of Our Own shares ways for us all to help children acquire cognitive, social, emotional and physical skills, as well as nurture language and literacy development. In A Place of Our Own we highlight local and state resources for child care providers and the children in their care. We understand the complexity of California’s diverse population and represent a broad spectrum of ethnic communities and a wide range of children
with special needs. The series also responds to the needs and workplace realities of people who spend their days caring for children by including topics such as building partnerships with families, reducing stress, and completing paperwork. A Place of Our Own’s support for child care providers recognizes the importance of their roles in the way children learn and develop. By supporting these important people and providing them with the resources they need, we better help our children
prepare for school.

In the Community
A Place of Our Own is accompanied by comprehensive educational outreach and workforce development plans aimed at expanding the capacity and capabilities of child care providers. Print, web, video/DVDs and multilingual professional development training workshops are the tools of our outreach efforts.

An Investment in the Future
Children are our future, and parents and child care providers are the first teachers they encounter. A Place of Our Own works with children and their families to support education at home and contribute to children’s overall well-being.


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PBS TeacherLine of Texas

PBS TeacherLine of Texas

Free Orientation Course

Take our free, two-hour orientation course, "Practice Learning Online with TeacherLine" to prepare for online learning. Enter the course through your My Courses page.
At the end of this course, you will be familiar with:

  • The importance of time management and the self-discipline required to be a
    successful online learner.
  • Skills for navigating course content quickly and efficiently.
  • Strategies to improve the quality of your participation in an online learning community.
  • Where to go for help.
  • Resources available through PBS TeacherLine.

*In order to take the course, you must first join PBS TeacherLine. Join for free.

PBS TeacherLine courses are approved by the Texas State Board for Educator Certification
(SBEC) and count towards required CPE hours.

District course licensing and ELL/ESL courses are now available! Contact us for more information:, 512-232-9406.

Special station pricing is available for individual course registrations. Call Malinda McCormick at
210-270-9000, to register for your course at lower rates than nationally advertised!

PBS TeacherLine Courses

If you’ve never taken an online course, now is the time! PBS TeacherLine's high quality, standards-based graduate-level courses offer teachers the professional development opportunities in an accessible online format that makes learning fun, flexible and collaborative. Earn training or graduate credit while gaining strategies and resources to bring directly to your classroom.
Fall Term courses are open for enrollment, so browse our catalog to choose the one that's right
for you! Below are two favorites:

Teacher Favorite = Teacher Favorite
Classroom Link = Classroom Link

Teaching Phonics and Spelling for Emergent Readers RDLA160 Teacher Favorite Classroom Link
Course Description:
Introduce your youngest readers and writers to the world of phonics and spelling with research-based instructional activities drawn from principles that formed the basis of NCLB. Practice assessing the performance of emergent readers and analyzing student work samples to determine their knowledge levels. Use assessment data to design appropriate activities for teaching letter-sound correspondence, high-frequency words, word recognition, and spelling. As a final exercise, create a case study of an emergent speller.

Classroom Link-Access to students recommended. PBS Classroom Link courses ask learners to implement lessons with their class or with a small group of students (options for learners without access to students are available).

Understanding Numbers and Operations: Addition and Subtraction in Grades PreK-3
MATH250 Teacher Favorite Classroom Link

Course Description:

Lay the foundation that your students will build on to meet mathematical standards for years to come. Learn to teach mental arithmetic to enhance your students' understanding of addition and subtraction. Develop your understanding of computational strategies by observing students, exploring lesson plans, and examining Web resources. Design, implement, and assess a numbers and operations lesson that combines technology, manipulatives, and effective pedagogical strategies as your final project.

PBS TeacherLine Peer Connection

Get Connected!
In the drive to improve teaching practice and student achievement, many schools and districts are turning to instructional coaches to support school-wide improvement and enhance classroom
practice. Coaches require high level resources and professional development so they can lead the way in reform initiatives and deliver on specific district instructional and student performance goals.
At PBS TeacherLine, we support professional development from the classroom forward. Our new
PBS TeacherLine Peer Connection service will help you build a customized, practical professional development program for your teachers by providing sustained and targeted support for coaches.

PBS Teachers

Lesson Plans and other resources for the classroom

Are you looking for ways to incorporate digital media into your teaching?
PBS Teachers is introducing a series of FREE monthly webinars featuring leading education technology experts, authors, or producers of PBS programs who will share ideas on using digital media to engage students in rich learning experiences.

PBS Teachers LIVE!
Free Media and Technology Webinars
Presented by PBS Teachers and Classroom 2.0
View the monthly schedule at

March 18

Remixing Shakespeare for 21st Century Students
Great Performances and the Folger Shakespeare Library
Curriculum Connection:  English, History, Arts, Social Studies

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KLRN Connect

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Ensure Your Teachers are Associated with the Correct School
Do you have teachers that moved to a new school within your district over the summer months? 
How do you ensure their KLRN Connect usernames and passwords are assigned to the correct schools? One way is to shuffle them from one school to another. In the past, this required someone with administrative access, but that is not the case anymore!  Teachers can
shuffle themselves from one school to another - in five easy steps. They are as follows: 

  1. Go to
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  3. Enter the new school's passcode  (get the passcode from your school’s
    admin or email
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PowerPoint link that walks you through the steps above - screenshot by screenshot.
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Getting Started: Step-by-Step is a new site that provides easy to follow instructions for new users to help them log-in, learn the functionality of DE streaming and/or DE Science, and encourage them to use it frequently.  With videos, training resources, integration ideas and professional development opportunities, Getting Started was built and packaged for you to pass right along to your teachers.

Get more involved with your use of KLRN Connect in the classroom with these fantastic Teaching Tips from Discovery Education streaming.

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In English

Early Childhood Education Teachers   (05:57)
Details are given about the duties, education, and salary of
childhood education teachers.
Grade(s) : 9-12       Editable       © 1997       United Learning    


In Spanish

Maestros de educación temprana   (05:57)
Details are given about the duties, education, and salary of early childhood education teachers.
Grade(s) : 9-12       © 1997       United Learning            

Active Me, Healthy Me: Being Active At Child Care   (13:00)
This program emphasizes to childcare providers the enormous impact that physical activity plays in the prevention of childhood obesity and its subsequent long-term health risks. This program focuses on the benefits of physical activity for all ages from birth through pre-school. The importance of establishing good habits now, at an early age, are discussed with a Evanston-based childcare center and home care provider; an NAEYC licensed program director, and a pediatrician.
Grade(s) : 9-12       Closed Captioning       Editable       © 2002       United Learning      
This video contains 6 segments

Teacher's Guide,Blackline Masters      

Discovery Educator Network Webinar Series

The Discovery Educator Network (DEN) is a global community of educators passionate about teaching with digital media, sharing resources, collaborating, and networking. With over 25,000 members providing professional development to over 250,000 educators worldwide, the DEN connects teachers both on-line and in-person. Discovery Educators have exclusive access to a wide range of resources, professional development activities, networking opportunities, exclusive Discovery Educator
events and more!

Voted the best professional development website in 2007 by the Association of Educational Publishers, this website is a place to connect to other educators across the globe. Here, all users
can read the blogs and discussion boards. Discovery Educators (any educator that has a Discovery account) have the ability to comment on the blogs, post to the discussion boards, and register for Discovery Educator Network events. is a weblog that explores how new technology and Internet culture affect how educators teach and children learn. It will offer a continuing look at how new technology such as wikis, blogs, vlogs, RSS, podcasts, social networking sites, and the always-on culture of the Internet are impacting teacher and students' lives both inside and out of the classroom. also wants to hear from you, and welcomes your participation on the site and your feedback.

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More Resources

Wings Over the Alamo

The Wings Over the Alamo Educator’s Guide— Teachers interested in San Antonio History
in their lessons on Texas history will find the Wings Over the Alamo documentary
produced by KLRN to be packed with a lot of great information surrounding San Antonio’s
long history in military aviation.

Visit the Wings Over the Alamo website!

PBS Kids Island

Children’s Technology Review

Leading authority on children’s technology products honors
for free literacy games and resources

, VA, December 1, 2008 – PBS and The Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB) have announced that PBS KIDS Island, a new literacy Web site for preschoolers, has been awarded the “Editor’s Choice Award” by Children’s Technology Review, one of the industry’s leading authorities on technology products for children from birth to age 15. Each month Children’s Technology Review’s editors assess a wide variety of new interactive technology products designed for children. Reviews are based on five criteria: ease of use, education, entertainment, design features and value. The Editor’s Choice Awards are given to an exclusive group of “no fail” products, worthy of their cost, and able to keep children engaged for days at a time.

According to the notification letter, “The Children’s Technology Review Editor’s Choice Awards are awarded to only the highest quality children’s products in the interactive media category.” In the November 2008 review, CTR Editor Warren Buckleitner, Ph.D. writes: “PBS KIDS Island packs a lot
of educational value into an easy-to-use, fun and (gasp) advertising free service. If you teach early readers, or live with one, this site is certainly worth your bookmark.”

PBS KIDS Island, the centerpiece of the new PBS KIDS Raising Readers Web site (, provides free reading games and activities for children, parents, caregivers and teachers to use at home or in the classroom. The program was developed through a cooperative agreement of the U.S. Department of Education, the Corporation for Public Broadcasting,

The Ready To Learn Partnership, and funded by a Ready To Learn grant.
“Through this grant, PBS KIDS Island gives us the opportunity to reach as many children as possible, to help them develop critical reading skills,” said Dr. Jayne James, executive director of the Ready To Learn grant for the Corporation for Public Broadcasting.

“As a new resource for parents, caregivers and teachers, we are excited PBS KIDS Island has been recognized by a leading authority on healthy and educational media for children,” said Lesli Rotenberg, senior vice president, Children’s Media, PBS. “There are millions of children across the United States who don’t have basic literacy skills, so we are proud to offer online learning tools that help all children as they discover the world of letters and words.”

PBS KIDS Island takes children on an adventure, as they build their own online island by playing reading games with PBS KIDS® characters from SUPER WHY!, WordWorld, Between The Lions

Want to be a member (of the Facebook PBS & KLRN fan pages)?

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Fresh Cut

The much anticipated annual high school video competition is back and now with a
new theme! This year students from area high schools and home schools are invited to
compete in Fresh Cut 2009 to tell us about “Change.” Twelve videos will be selected
from all the qualifying entries to be featured in an hour-long documentary on KLRN.
Also this year, judging will include a public round with videos available online for voting!
So, get your production gear out and get ready for “Change!”
Deadline for entries is March 27, 2009

Reading Rainbow Young Writers and Illustrators Contest

It’s time for your students to get their pencils sharpened and their crayons ready!
KLRN’s 15th Annual Reading Rainbow Young Writers and Illustrators Contest runs from
Jan. 12, 2009 to April 3, 2009.

The Contest provides the perfect opportunity to encourage young writers in kindergarten through third grade to create and illustrate their own stories. Official entry forms (required) and complete contest rules will be available at local H-E-B stores and online beginning Jan. 12. All participants will be invited to the Celebration of Writers, where they will receive a certificate and fun give-aways.
Prizes for the top three finishers in each grade category (Kinder – Third) include Dell Laptop Computers (first place), LeapFrog Learning Systems (second place), and Reading Rainbow Gift Packs (third place). Questions? Contact Lisa McGrath at 210.270.9000, ext. 2254.
Deadlines for entries is April 3, 2009

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Article written by: Maricella Borroel
KLRN's Director of Early
Childhood Services

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