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My name is Lauryn Rae Maciaz. I am ten years old, and I design and sell purses through my business, Lauryn’s Creations. I have always been interested in arts and crafts projects and when
I was five year’s old I went into my Gammy’s sewing room and sewed two pieces of corduroy material together with a gauze border (I thought the gauze was lace) and created my first purse,
as my Gammy had shown me how to sew. I started experimenting with jean’s pockets and designing them with jewelry from my mom’s broken necklaces and other pieces of material.

One day when I was at the bank, a lady asked me where I had purchased my adorable purse.
I told her I had made it. The lady asked if I could make her granddaughter one. I told her I would
do it and sell it to her for five dollars. She agreed and I had my first sell!

I’d been designing purses for five years when KLRN was looking for young entrepreneurs like me who would compete for the title of San Antonio’s BizKid. My mom put me in the competition and I won! Here is my spot for KLRN when I won. I was so shocked! Click here to see spot!

My friends at school were so excited to talk to me about being on TV. At first they thought I was acting in a show. I had to explain to them that I was being interviewed about my purse business. They wanted to see my purses and now they give me ideas on designs.

I have many supporters in my family, from my Gammy who taught me to sew, to my mom and dad who give me words of encouragement, and even my brothers who buy my purses! Kaelyb and Esteban are both five-years-old and like to give my purses to their “girl” friends, sitters and other family members. They save and count their money with me. My brothers tell me they want to grow up and start their own businesses, too!

Lauryn’s mother, Monique McGuire, says she’s always believed that adults should provide their children and students with the tools for success, but not press or push to an extreme where the child/student loses their drive and creative individuality. “I use this strategy in my home and I used this strategy when I taught high school and coached cheerleading. I have chosen not to ‘push’ Lauryn to design or create anything; instead I just encourage her and allow her to make her decisions, when it comes to Lauryn’s Creations, her business.”

“My mom has helped her every step of the way with Lauryn’s Creations and this is something that they enjoy and share. My mom assists Lauryn with the sewing machine portion, but Lauryn is the creative genius behind her unique purse line. Lauryn has been very successful thus far with her creations and she does it all at her own pace. This is something that is very important to me. I don’t want Lauryn to ever lose her creative desire. Every purse is unique and they are all stamped with
her logo. She enjoys this process and “lights-up” when a person finds the purse that best fits
their preference.

Since winning last year’s BizKid$ contest, Lauryn has been featured in the San Antonio Express-News, The San Antonio Business Journal, the KLRN BizKid$ website, the website, and six radio stations. This recognition has made her work harder, and she is experimenting with the clothes she’s grown out of by taking the materials and re-purposing them—pants that are too short become designer Capri’s and more purses!

When interviewed as the winner of the BizKid$ contest Lauryn was asked what advice she would give others in their pursuits for entrepreneurship. “I would say to keep going with what they’re doing, keep trying, do the best they can, and have fun!” Lauryn’s plans for the future include going into fashion design and opening her own retail store, selling her designs.

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Wings Over the Alamo

The Wings Over the Alamo Educator’s Guide— Teachers interested in San Antonio History
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Lesson Plan: Looking for the Bottom
In this activity, from the NewsHour Extra website, students will look at look at data from past recessions, the conditions that led to the entry and exit of these recessions, and compare this with the current recession.  

Website: In the Mix
On The Money! takes a hard look at the perils of credit card use, highlighting how much more a purchase will actually cost if you take a year to repay it, and get tips on how to get back on track with consumer credit counseling. The site also has links to an income and saving calculator, as well as how to open a bank account.

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The deadline for entries has been changed to April 20, 2009!
The Contest provides the perfect opportunity to encourage young writers in kindergarten through
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the Celebration of Writers, where they will receive a certificate and fun give-aways.
Prizes for the top three finishers in each grade category (Kinder – Third) include Dell Laptop Computers (first place), LeapFrog Learning Systems (second place), and
Reading Rainbow Gift Packs (third place).
Questions? Contact Lisa McGrath at 210.270.9000, ext. 2254.

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10 a.m. -2 p.m.
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