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Loving the blossoms!

Yvonne Yates
Director of School Services, KLRN

I traveled to Washington DC a few weeks ago and missed the beautiful cherry blossoms by two weeks. The only indication of their presence were the fallen petals on the ground. It was these fallen petals that sparked my idea for this month’s newsletter. Although they were no longer part of the beautiful tree, they were evidence that they had grown as part of the tree.

I have had the pleasure of working with many schools this year and have grown as a person because of the special teachers, faculty and students that have taken on KLRN’s educational projects. Students like Ms. Stacy Hodges’ Sophomore World History Classes at Travis Early College High School who took on a public affairs project and produced amazing results in just three weeks. And Ms. Marie Bonar-Ruiz' Sophomore AVID students at Brackenridge High School who began working on the RoadTrip Nation Curriculum in October and are going to have their own film festival in a few weeks to showcase all their hard work. These are just two examples of the amazing work that students in our community are doing. I walk into classrooms every month and see how teachers are helping these students grow. Teacher Appreciation week was May 2-6, and I want you to know that we at KLRN not only appreciate everything you do but look for ways to showcase how your students grow from week to week and year to year.

To grow means to increase by natural development. The school year is quickly coming to an end and teachers have seen first-hand the growth of their students. Some have grown naturally without any extra help where as others have needed a little extra TLC to make that growth happen.

There was a bitter sweet feeling that would come to me this time of year. The sweet feeling of seeing how my students had learned and matured as the year progressed and yet bitter because I would no longer enjoy them as students in my classroom. My farewell hope for the 2010-2011 school year is that it has taken you and your students on an unforgettable journey.

KLRN will be growing this summer, too. Be on the lookout for a new KLRN Connect. Until August, I wish you all a wonderful summer.

What are your plans this summer? Click here to comment.

KLRN Connect in the Classroom:

Use these KLRN Connect clips as you celebrate “growth” in and out of your classroom. Note: You will be prompted to log-in when you click the links below.

(K-2) A Segment of: Growing Plants: Science in a School Garden
How do plants grow and how do they fit into and interact with the environment? These and many other questions regarding the life cycles and importance of green plants are answered as we join a group of elementary school students in their school garden.

(3-5) A Segment of: Seasons under the Sun: Summer
Students will see why the summer sun blazes and how nature works overtime during their summer vacation to store energy for leaner seasons.

(6-8) A Segment of: Discovering Math: Grades 06-08: Arithmetic  
An employee calculates accumulated vacation time by multiplying mixed numbers.

(9-12) A Segment of: Through the Lens
Understand how skin cells grow. A story about a burn victim demonstrates the growth of skin cells.

Try This:

Flower Power: Exploring Flowers (PK-2)
Students will explore and observe flowers and flower parts, and collect their flower representations to make a classroom flower book. They will have opportunities to look closely at flowers, describe their sizes, shapes, colors, and textures, and compare and contrast flowers from different plants. They will be introduced to the idea that plants and specifically flowers provide food, water, and shelter to some animals. As an added bonus, it comes with a fun online game for kids to play. Check out Flower-Finder.

Constant or Linear Plant Growth (3-5)
Students complete a table of values for a plant that grows at a constant rate. They will use the data from the table to create a graph of the plant heights.

Seasons Greetings (6-8)
This lesson uses video segments from the NATURE film “Earth Navigators” to explain what causes the Earth’s seasons and seasonal changes

Beauty: Patterns in Nature (9-12)
In this lesson, students will explore how people perceive beauty more deeply, by observing geometric shapes in plants and flowers; studying different kinds of patterns in nature, and using natural forms as an inspiration to create art.

Teacher’s Corner:

Summer Sports Activity Pack
Explore educational resources and activities from PBS with our library of Activity Packs. Each one focuses on a curricular theme and includes links to great PBS resources and supplemental activities. With Summer almost upon us, explore sports beyond the game, including the physical and social benefits, the political and economic significance, and how science and sports go hand-in-hand.


PBS TeacherLine—Online Learning for Teachers
PBS TeacherLine online courses are approved by the Texas State Board for Educator Certification (SBEC) and count towards required CPE hours. You can take our free, two-hour orientation course, Practice Learning Online with TeacherLine, to prepare for online learning. Enter the course through your My Courses page. In order to take the free orientation course, you must first join PBS TeacherLine. Join for free

2nd Annual PBS KIDS GO! Writers Contest—Deadline Extended
It’s a contest for all kids in K-3rd grade who want to write and illustrate their own stories. Your students can submit their story for judging, and a chance to win some great prizes, including Laptop Computers, Reader's Tablets, and Digital Cameras! Plus, everyone who enters gets a Certificate of Achievement and is invited to our “Celebration of Young Writers.” Special thanks to John and Cheryl Vollmer for donating this year’s laptop computers and to the Nathalie and Gladys Dalkowitz Charitable Trust for their support.

KLRN’s 2nd Annual PBS KIDS GO! Writers Contest started February 14, 2011 and entries will now be accepted through May 18, 2011.

TIME FOR KIDS Special Offer
As you make plans for the next academic year we at KLRN wanted to let you know about a special discount offer from Curious George™ partner TIME FOR KIDS. You can receive 10% off any order of 10 or more subscriptions to any grade-level edition of TIME FOR KIDS: the K-1 Edition, Grade 2, Grade 3-2, and Grade 5-6 Edition. You can see examples of each Edition and its accompanying teacher’s guide at

The K-1 edition will feature Curious George in all seven issues from October 2011 through May 2012, introducing topics from water conservation, pollinating insects, to the art of dance. All editions also include a monthly Teacher’s Guide with additional activities, teaching tips, and background information - 90% of teachers who participated in a reader survey this past fall, reported the addition of Curious George content motivated their students.

Please use the special toll-free number and discount code outlined below:

  • Toll free customer service line: 866.293.2810
  • Special Offer: $3.98 per student (10% off $4.42 rate)
  • Discount Code: PBSTFK
  • Code must be used when order is placed to be eligible for the special offer.
  • Order deadline is August 1st to ensure delivery for the new school year!


This Month’s Freebie: Curious George Seed Packet

Plant these seeds with your kids and watch them grow. Resources are limited one per teacher to the first 10 teachers, so request yours today by clicking here!

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